DENVER (KDVR) — Coach Deion Sanders of the University of Colorado Buffaloes has seen, and enjoyed, a recent “Saturday Night Live” sketch imitating the indomitable coach.

Sanders’ style and unique press conference answers fueled the late-night sketch, where Kenan Thompson attempted to capture the coach and NFL legend’s spirit while talking about the team, race and Colorado’s population to Colin Jost.

Sanders, through smiles and chuckles, told reporters at his weekly news conference that he respects and loves Thompson.

“I’m a fan of Kenan,” Sanders said. “I love him, I love what he’s brought to comedy over, what, over — it’s gotta be over several decades now.”

In the Oct. 15 sketch, Thompson, dressed in head-to-toe CU Buffs gear (similarly to how Sanders usually dresses), chattered about the Buffs winning streak (currently 4-3) and divine intervention leading him to Colorado. Thompson poked fun at Sanders’ persistent rhetoric that the Buffaloes are a winning team — or at least making good progress.

“You don’t understand that my team has it all!” said Thompson, as Sanders. “Coaching, genius. Offense? Explosive. Defense? Trying.”

Sanders, who hosted “SNL” in February 1995, noted that while Thompson had a good imitation, his favorite parody has been by Lou Young.

“The person I think who’s got me down the most is … I gotta give it to Lou Young,” Sanders said. “I hate to admit it, but Lou is good. Lou Young is really good.”

The Buffaloes are scheduled to play against the UCLA Bruins (5-2) in Pasadena on Saturday at 5:30 p.m.