DENVER (KDVR) — With their success on the field so far, the Colorado Buffaloes are the talk of the sports world. That’s clear when you visit any sporting goods store to look for Buffs merchandise.

“It’s an interesting question: What is selling fast? It’s a simple answer: If it has CU, if it has a buffalo,” Derek Friedman said.

Friedman owns Sportsfan, where you can find Broncos gear, if you want it, and any other Colorado or Denver team apparel.

The hottest item as of late is any CU Buffs gear, which saw a spike since Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders arrived as the football team’s head coach.

“So we first had a huge spike back when he first signed, and then it kind of went down a little bit,” Friedman said.

Sales spike after Buffs victory of TCU

Sales spiked back up after the Buffs’ first game, Friedman said.

“It started going crazy once they beat TCU (Texas Christian University),” Freidman said. “Now we haven’t been able to keep up.”

Freidman has owned four stores since 2014, when Buffs gear wasn’t the best seller.

“Since then, our CU gear has been at a low level, almost negligible,” Friedman said.

Their CU racks are now empty because gear goes fast.

“This is only one of our four stores,” Friedman said. “All four of our stores look like this.”

Their location by Empower Field at Mile High is far from the bookstores in Boulder. Friedman said CU fans are cropping up everywhere these days.

“Then you have the people who just want to be associated with all the excitement, and they’re going to a watch party or whatever it is, and so they need gear,” Friedman said.

A full rack of Buffs’ caps is likely the only merch you can buy from him right now.

“Those will probably be gone by maybe midweek or the weekend, but I already have another huge order that’s coming in,” Friedman said.

Filling the shelves has proven to be a frantic task each week.

“We’re out of T-shirts,” Friedman said. “We’re out of hoodies, and again, it’s not just this store, it’s all four stores.”

Friedman said he has more shirts and hoodies on order.