DENVER (KDVR) — It’s not every day that the investigative reporting show “60 Minutes” interviews someone more than once in back-to-back seasons. But then again, Coach Prime isn’t your average person.

If you didn’t tune in to the show on Sunday, here’s what you missed.

Last fall, “60 Minutes” interviewed Deion Sanders in Mississippi, where he was coaching Jackson State to victory.

On Sunday night, Sanders appeared again on “60 Minutes” as “THE talk of college football, if not American sports,” interviewer Jon Wertheim said.

During the interview, Coach Prime talked about the “Prime Effect,” which brought 8.7 million viewers to turn on their TVs and watch Colorado defeat Nebraska, along with the multiple celebrities who came to the game against Colorado State University on Sunday.

“I truly make a difference. I make folks nervous, man. I get folks moving in their seat. I get folks twiddling their thumbs. I get them thinking and second-guessing themselves,” Coach Prime said in the interview. “Have you ever been so clean that you walked in and somebody looked down at you and looked at themselves and had to check themselves because you were so clean? I have that effect.”

During the hour, “60 Minutes” gave an inside sneak peek of Sanders’ hype-up speech before the first game of the season against Texas Christian University. The whole locker room was yelling, and there was even a DJ in the background.

The audience also got a look into the Buffs’ practices and the meeting with old CU players where Sanders encouraged them to transfer as he was bringing in new talent. Eventually, over 50 players transferred, Wertheim said.

Coach Prime is turning more heads than just those of Coloradans. During the interview, Wertheim pressed Sanders on the accusations of other coaches underestimating him. Sanders said the other coaches’ remarks against him was “fear.”

“We don’t want to let that little engine that could get going, because if that engine that could get going, it’s going to start saying, ‘I think I can, I think I can.’ And sooner or later he’s going to start saying, ‘I know I can, I know I can,’ then sooner or later he’s going to start saying, ‘I did that,'” Sanders said.