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BOULDER, Colo. — At every University of Colorado men’s and women’s basketball game, for the last 34 years, Peggy Coppom and Betty Hoover have been there to cheer the teams on.

“We’re kind of a fixture, I guess,” Betty says.

You can’t miss them if you go to a game. The 87-year-old identical twins are always dressed up in all their CU gear.

“We are both widows now and we feel uncomfortable if we’re not dressed alike,” says Peggy.

Everyone… fans, players, coaches and students, knows them simply as “the twins.” Peggy and Betty never graduated from the school, but they were students there.

“We went to CU for one year in 1943,” says Peggy. “Those were the World War II years so when our husbands came back from the service, we married them. Thought we had to quit school.”

Their loyalty to the Buffs was established much earlier. “In our family men and women loved sports,” Betty says.

“Seems natural to us to enjoy sports the university provides,” Peggy adds.

The twins have become just as much of a part of the game day experience as the cheerleaders or band.

Betty says, “We like to get acquainted with the players. We’ve gotten to know the families of some players.”

Peggy and Betty are now just as popular as the players. “We get hugs, picture taking. And we like it. We like people. It’s fine with us,” Peggy says.

Betty adds, “Some will want an autograph. We’re happy and glad to meet people. Glad to do that.”

And it’s not just hoops; they’ve also seen every Ralphie make her run at Folsom Field.

Peggy: “We started coming in 1940, you didn’t have to have season tickets then. You could sit where you wanted in those years.”

Once they take their seat they are committed.

“We have never left a football or basketball game early. There were some football games we’ve would’ve been better off to leave early. But we didn’t,” says Peggy.

With 13 great-grandchildren between the two of them, the twins have a big family, which will always include the Buffs.

Betty says, “It’s part of our family, feel part of CU.” As Peggy puts it, “It’s loyalty we feel. We love CU.”