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DENVER (KDVR) — The Colorado Avalanche’s long COVID-19 / holiday break is going to be a bit longer with two more games postponed.

The league announced Monday that the Avs mini-series against the Stars scheduled for Dec. 29 in Denver and Dec. 31 in Dallas will now take place at later dates.

The last time the Avalanche players were on the ice as a team was Dec. 16 during their 5-2 loss against the Nashville Predators. Several players from both sides missed that game due to the league’s COVID protocols.

On Dec. 17, the league announced that the Avs next four games would be postponed. Since then the NHL has postponed two additional Avalanche games and announced that players will not participate in the upcoming Beijing Olympics so that make-up games can be scheduled during that planned break in the season.

Several other teams across the league have had extended breaks due to COVID, including the Boston Bruins, Calgary Flames and Florida Panthers.

As a way to help ease the burden, the NHL is allowing teams to create a taxi squad of up to six players who can travel with the team and play as replacements on the ice as needed.

Cross-border games between Canadian and American teams have also been temporarily suspended.