DENVER (KDVR) – One more win and the Colorado Avalanche will have broken a 21-year dry spell when it comes to drinking from the Stanley Cup. Thursday, Avalanche fans were getting ready for Friday’s big game at the Avs team store at Ball Arena. 

It has been over 20 years since the Avs drank from the Cup, and with the way they’ve been playing in the Stanley Cup Final, it looks like they may soon be quenching their thirst once again.

Meanwhile, outside of the Avalanche’s home over at Ball Arena, a quiet line has formed.

Avalanche super fan Josh was among those in line, specifically to get some gear.

“We are going to get a couple of jerseys. I have some friends who put in a few orders with me so we are going to get some swag and have a good time tomorrow night,” Josh revealed.

He, along with three really good friends and family, will be attending the Friday night game at Ball Arena.

“How many tickets? Four tickets. How much per ticket? $3,000. Per ticket? Per ticket,” Josh said.

So, how much is too much for a ticket?

“I don’t have a price, at the moment,” Josh explained. “In ’96 a seat was 40 bucks. Today, to get a seat you are $1,800 in the 300 section.”

It is going to be an expensive night, but as mentioned, Josh is a super fan.

At the crack of noon, fans rushed in like Kadri to an open net. For those on the metaphorical forecheck, phase one of operation Stanley Cup is complete.

“I ended up with various polos and T-shirts, about 10 pieces, and a hat. Just under 700 bucks,” Josh declared.

Now, it’s time for phase two, which for fans across the metroplex means bringing home the Cup.