Avs fan called ‘worst boyfriend’ in viral video really gave away puck to his mother

Colorado Avalanche
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DENVER – A video from a Colorado Avalanche game last week has gone viral calling out a fan for being treating his girlfriend poorly in favor of another woman.

It shows a young man in an Avalanche jersey catching a puck Gabriel Landeskog flicked into the crowd during pre-game warm-ups. In the video, the fan is ridiculed for hitting his girlfriend in the head with his elbow to catch the puck and then again for giving the puck away to a different woman.

The video was reportedly played between periods of the Avs game on Feb 20.

“I look at the big screen on the jumbotron and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. That’s me,'” Patty Beckman told FOX31.

In the moment, Beckman said she was thrilled to have been given a puck because she collects Avalanche memorabilia.

“I’m ecstatic! I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I finally got a [Landeskog] puck,'” she said.

The excitement faded when she saw the video on the big screen. It featured arrows, zooms and other editing to point out how her son supposedly did the wrong thing and how upset his girlfriend was because of it.

“She never wanted the puck. She was pissed about something completely different,” Beckman said.

The video made it onto social media where it went viral. It was even featured in articles from overseas online publications. Many articles referred to her son as “the worst boyfriend of all time.” Comments have also surfaced criticizing Beckman.

“According to social media, I’m his convenient piece of [you know what] on the weekend,” Patty said. “I was called fat. I was called a loser.”

The family has season tickets to the Avalanche. They are first-year season ticket holders and decided to purchase them after Beckman suddenly lost both of her parents and was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

“We all know we’re going to pass away. We all know it’s the inevitable. But when you’re slapped in the face with it, it brings a whole new meaning to ‘Don’t waste the day away,'” she said.

Beckman and her husband use the Avalanche games as a way to make cherished memories with their son. The now-infamous moment from Wednesday’s game is one they would now like to forget.

“I didn’t realize just a B.S. story could be made up about something completely wrong,” Beckman said.

She also says her son’s elbow did not hit his girlfriend’s head and that she was not hurt following the catch.

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