DENVER (KDVR) — There is no such thing as silly superstitions or taking your favorite sports team too seriously. Compared to a lot of other Americans, you are not taking your team seriously enough.

A new study shows that a shocking number of sports fans would do anything for love — that is, for the love of the game.

The Harris Poll, on behalf of Vivid Seats, conducted an online survey asking over 2,000 people aged 18 or older what makes someone a true sports fan.

Fans would choose sports over love

Some 45% of Americans said that a romantic relationship is more likely to last if both partners are fans of the same sports team.

While less than half of those surveyed believe this would affect the relationship, the survey also showed that fans would go to seemingly extreme lengths to support their team.

In the survey, one out of five sports fans admitted they would break up with their significant other if they didn’t root for their favorite team. This may seem excessive, except for the one in 10 fans who would miss their own wedding to see their favorite team play in the playoffs or championship game.

Coloradans show up to every game, no matter the record

According to the survey, 66% of Americans describe a true fan as someone who goes to games even when their team is on a losing streak.

While Colorado has some of the best college football and some of the worst Major League Baseball, if you are a true sports fan, you will be at the game either way.

This past season, viewership for the University of Colorado Buffaloes game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers hit 8.73 million viewers, and the team broke ESPN viewing records during the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

But it’s not all about the winning teams.

Denver remains dedicated to the Rockies. Despite their worst year in history, ticket sales continue to increase to prepandemic levels.

While the Broncos haven’t had a winning season in years, there was the notorious “Mile High Monster,” which consisted of a father-son-duo that showed up to every single Broncos game dressed in orange pom-pom material for 16 years.

While missing your own wedding might be unnecessary to some sports fans, if you’re not showing up to every Rockies game during their worst season or going to see the Broncos when the records aren’t looking too hot, are you really a Colorado fan at all?