DENVER (KDVR) — With the Denver Nuggets’ championship win in the spring and the University of Colorado Boulder’s newfound success, Colorado may just be shaping up to be a state full of winning teams.

While not every team will be champions in the same year, local sports have the potential to win more games than ever this season.

FOX31 looked at the average winning percentage for Colorado’s top seven teams since 2015.

When it comes to winning percentages in the past 10 years, the highest average games won in Colorado were in 2016 and 2020.

Colorado sports dominated in 2016 and 2020

In 2016, the Broncos won the Super Bowl, the Buffs ranked 17th in the AP poll, the Colorado Mammoth were ranked high and the Rapids placed second overall.

While only the Broncos won a championship, four of the seven teams performed well.

In 2020, the Avalanche had one of the team’s highest win percentages, while the Buffs and the Nuggets placed high in the Pac-12 and Western Conference, respectively. Even though the other teams weren’t at the top of their leagues, most performed well.

But Colorado doesn’t need all major teams to succeed in order to have an above-average season overall.

In 2020, the highest winning season for Colorado, the Broncos had one of their lowest-performing seasons. One team with a losing season doesn’t mess up Colorado’s success.

Will 2023 be Colorado’s best season yet?

So, what does Colorado need for 2023 to be a winning season?

To get to a winning season like 2016 or 2020, One team likely needs to win or get close to a championship and at least two to three other teams need to perform well.

Even if a team isn’t doing as well as fans would like (sorry, Rockies), it doesn’t necessarily take away from Colorado’s winning streak.

The Nuggets are coming off a successful season and the Buffs have shown a lot of potential early in this season, which are both good signs for overall success in the state.

And while it’s too soon to tell what 2023 will bring overall, the sports that start this fall have the potential to bring Colorado to its highest winning year ever.