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DENVER (KDVR) — For hitters, Coors Field is a dream. For pitchers, the stadium is what nightmares are made of.

“Pitcher’s beware,” is the warning from former major league pitching legend Tom House. “It’s a hell of a hitting park.”

That will be on full display when the 2021 Home Run Derby takes the field on Monday.

“It’s an eye opener, but a beautiful park,” said House, the former left-handed reliever and pitching coach.

“Whenever we go into a place like Denver, I tell my pitchers to take their worst ERA and add two points to it and you’ll have a good time. The same priorities, three strikes, three pitches, be yourself, hold runners close, get a hold of the count because you’re pitching on your side and who you are pitching against has to do the same,” said House.

House shares his throwing wisdom with a new coaching app called Mustard . The technology in the app uses video technology and artificial intelligence to analyze and grade variables of throwing mechanics.

“Everything that we’ve been researching, is now actually put on a cell phone. We want to give the youth athlete the same efficacy as if they were coming to visit me in our labs,” said House.