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DENVER (KDVR) — If you are planning on driving to any of the MLB All-Star Game events in downtown Denver, get ready for what could be an expensive challenge.

There are plenty of parking spaces in downtown Denver, but finding one may be difficult and expensive.

Some street parking around Coors Field is already blocked off. And those $10, all-day prices at lots are probably going to be a lot more expensive.

“While it may seem ridiculous, they are going to jack up the rates because demand is so high. It’s simple economics, so if it’s advertised as $17, that’s probably not the price you’ll be paying,” AAA regional director of public affairs Skyler McKinley said.

We are told the prices may triple.

We found several parking garages and lots at Market and 18th streets, about a block from the stadium. Others are even farther away with much lower prices, but those are expected to change on game day.

We found a lot of other parking lots even farther from Coors Field and the events set up for MLB All-Star Week.

RTD suggests you park for free at a Park-n-Ride, like the one at Interstate 25 and Broadway. The parking there is free, and a ticket to Union Station will cost you about $3.

“Parking at a Park-n-Ride is a cost-effective way to get downtown. There’s no need to pay for expensive parking and get snarled up in traffic. All you have to do is park and ride,” RTD senior public relations specialist Michelle Brier said.

But you should expect big crowds on the trains, too. Additional rail cars and buses are scheduled to handle heavier ridership.

Once in downtown Denver for the All-Star Game festivities, get ready for heavy foot traffic.

If you drive downtown, Denver’s Department of Transportation suggests to park in a garage or a surface lot, not on the street.

We attempted to reach parking companies to find out what they’ll be charging on game day. So far, no response.