Strategic Wealth Designers: Up and down, stock market’s shaky September


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Markets feel by over 900 points at one point on Monday before seeing some modest gains yesterday.  Timing the stock market is nearly impossible but September has proven to be especially rocky. Independent wealth management advisor Jordan Schwartz of Strategic Wealth Designers joined KDVR to talk about the ongoing struggle for investors trying to build a safe financial plan. He says too often he is seeing retirement plans with entirely too much risk in the portfolio.

“September is historically a choppy month in the stock market, this year has that rollercoaster ride going and then some,” Schwartz says. “If you are near or in retirement this is especially concerning for you. You can’t afford to be seeing your investment portfolio jumping all over the place with every headline that comes out. Safe, secure, steady investment strategies are what is needed when you’re heading to the end of your working years.”

Schwartz says that your investment strategy doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, simply follow the Rule of 100. He says if you build your retirement portfolio with the Rule of 100 in mind, the volatility of the stock market will be less concerning because your portfolio will be built with safety nets in place.

“When you are approaching retirement, it’s important to understand how the Rule of 100 works,” Schwartz says. “Just take 100 minus your age and that is the amount of your investment portfolio that you can take risk with. It’s okay to maybe be 5% on either side of the rule but don’t get your investments too far away from this principal. When you build your financial house with safety in mind, it will withstand the huge drops much better than someone who is facing full exposure in the stock market.”

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