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Choices may be limited but it’s time to start using those vacation days. The Wall Street Journal recently noted that employees have stopped taking vacation days since the coronavirus pandemic began. Jordan Schwartz, independent retirement planning advisor of Strategic Wealth Designers says people need to start using their vacation days for their own mental health and happiness but it’s sometimes easier said than done.

“We know that even without a pandemic a lot of people don’t use all their vacation days each year,” Schwartz says. “Here in 2020, there’s several factors complicating when to take vacation. First, where do you go? Some people don’t feel comfortable getting on a plane while others would jump on one to Italy or Australia right now but they aren’t allowed in.”

With over 50 million people laid off from work, some employees have a fear that if they take vacation amidst a pandemic their employer may not appreciate that or may consider them to be one of the first let go if they should have to layoff employees. Schwartz says as long as it is an upstanding employer it is actually the opposite, they want you to take vacation!

“Smart employers know that employees are better when they have had some time off, especially in an environment like we have seen in 2020,” Schwartz says. “Your mental health is important and taking some days off for vacation gives you a mental reset to be your best when you do return. You’re happier and your employer is happy for you. Plus employers don’t want to run into a situation where the fiscal year ends and employees could be taking almost all of December off to use up their days.”

While that big European vacation is off and visiting certain lockdown states isn’t advised there still are a lot of great options to spend time with friends and family across the country. Schwartz says consider a road trip to a national park or visiting a beach on one of the coasts.

“If you aren’t in the high risk category for travel, right now is an excellent time to see many of the wonders the United States has to offer,” Schwartz says. “Load up the family and see a national park or find a low cost flight and spend a few days at the ocean.  If you feel comfortable right now, it is an excellent time to travel and miss the crowds and the normal high prices.”  To learn more about this financial news topic visit and if you have a financial planning question for Jordan, send an email to    

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