Strategic Wealth Designers: Facing inflation as a retiree


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High inflation can cause concern for investors. As prices rise, your money won’t go as far as purchasing power decreases. Those no longer working may be especially concerned about their portfolios. Independent financial planner Jordan Schwartz of Strategic Wealth Designers joined us on the newscast to discuss facing inflation as a retiree.

“Inflation can be a concern for retirees if they haven’t planned adequately,” Schwartz says. “We’re seeing high prices for food, gas, and cars across the country. The Consumer Price Index is at a 13 year high. This means fixed income may not go as far, which can cause retirees to worry. But, with proper planning, this prolonged inflation does not have to create concern.”

Some investments may not grow as much during periods of high inflation. Appreciation-oriented assets and real assets lend themselves to be a good option for inflation-oriented investing. Industries that have pricing power and can keep up with inflation may be another option. Growth stocks may potentially want to be avoided as future cash flows will be worth less.

“Modest inflation should be built into your financial plan,” Schwartz says. “So, while your fixed income may not go as far, you can utilize other streams of income. For some, this could be Social Security benefits, which are adjusted for inflation. Others may utilize income from real estate or adjust their investments inside their portfolio.”

Working with a financial advisor can help provide peace of mind by building a detailed income plan that accounts for inflation. To see additional stories surrounding business and economic news for Denver area, visit and if you have a question for Jordan send an email to

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