Naked Wines review: Is this subscription service an affordable way to discover new wines?


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Naked Wines review 

With the abundance of vineyards, varietals and styles of wine available today, you’re likely to find one you love. However, if you’ve ever stood entirely too long in the wine aisle or felt confused about words like body, acidity and tannins, you know that wine can be intimidating, not to mention expensive.

Naked Wines claims their delivery service is a better way to discover tasty new favorites and enjoy great wine. By cutting out the middleman and offering wine up to 60% off market prices, they promise you’ll always pay the fairest price. Plus, it’s delivered right to your door, so you never have to stand in an overwhelming wine aisle again.

To see if Naked Wines is the best way to discover new wine, we put it to the test by signing up for their introductory offer and Angel monthly membership program. Here’s what we found.

What is Naked Wines?

While not entirely a wine club or a subscription service, Naked Wines combines the best of both worlds to offer a delivery service where customers can buy wines produced by independent winemakers — wines that are not available at your local store. Unlike a traditional subscription service, nothing is automatically shipped, and you can choose the wine you want and when you want it delivered.

How we tested Naked Wines 

We started by signing up for Naked Wines’ introductory offer, which includes six bottles of wine for $39.99 plus tax, and free shipping. While you don’t get to choose the exact wines for the intro offer, you do get a choice of reds, whites or a mixed box. It’s important to note that taking advantage of this offer automatically puts you into the Angel program, which is their monthly membership. 

Angel members receive special wine prices and a free gift bottle of wine every month. The Angel program requires a $40 deposit into your account every month. However, this $40 is yours to spend however you wish. Your deposit is simply a way to ensure steady revenue for Naked Wines and allows them to invest more with independent winemakers. If you’re concerned about this commitment, know that you can cancel your membership at any time, and Naked Wines will refund any money left in your account back to you.

While delivery is simple, someone over 21 years old must be present to accept the wine. The company sends email updates with tracking information and alerts, so you know when to be available. The wine comes well packaged with handles, making it easy to carry.

When you’re ready for more wine, you can shop the Naked Wines website and choose your favorite bottles. To make it easy to find precisely what you want, you can filter through their inventory by alcohol percentage, customer ratings, wine region, price and style, such as fruity red, sweet white, rosé and others. You must order a minimum of six bottles, and shipping is free over $100. Delivery of your wine subscription box takes one to five business days, depending on location.

Key features of Naked Wines

Buying unknown wine online can seem like a gamble. To alleviate concerns about not enjoying a wine, Naked Wines offers a money-back guarantee for any wine you don’t like. If you give that particular wine a thumbs down on your account, Naked Wines will also make sure to steer you away from wines that taste similar. 

Naked Wines offers a quality selection of wines for all budgets. The average price is between $15 and $25, although they have some bottles for as little as $8. Naked Wines relies heavily on feedback from its members to decide how to price wine, striving to ensure nine out of ten Angels love their wine. They review all wines quarterly, taking into account reviews from customers and lowering the price if necessary. For example, if less than 90% of reviews say they would buy it again, Naked Wines reduces the cost. As a bonus, any Angel who bought that particular wine within the previous 12 months is refunded the difference. 

Supporting independent winemakers is a key feature of Naked Wines. When you buy wine, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re funding smaller, talented indie winemakers rather than big corporate wine producers. Another benefit of their Angel program is the ability to converse directly with the winemaker. You can message them or leave reviews, and they will even make wine suggestions. 

Other best wine delivery services

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Naked Wines price

The Angel membership requires a $40 monthly deposit into your account, which you can use at any time on any wine. Shipping is $9.99 for orders under $100 and free for orders over $100.

Where is Naked Wines sold?

Naked Wines

You can buy Naked Wines directly on their website

Naked Wines benefits

One of the most significant benefits of Naked Wines is the ability to cancel at any time and get all the money left in your account refunded to you. It allows new customers to try their Angel membership without a huge commitment. Another bonus is their money-back guarantee, which promises you a complete refund if you don’t like the taste of a wine. 

We appreciated knowing that we were helping lesser-known winemakers get their projects off the ground while receiving quality wine at a great price. Being able to message the winemakers directly was a bonus. 

As far as the quality of wine, we thought almost all the bottles of wine we ordered were equal to or better than the wine of a comparable price that we usually buy from the store. Additionally, the delivery process was smooth, and the company had great customer service. Overall, our experience with Naked Wines was very positive.

Naked Wines drawbacks

Some customers have mentioned that the new customer experience feels a little gimmicky or slick. With their money-back guarantee and refund policy, Naked Wines claims to have no risk, which can feel too good to be true. However, we were happy with our experience and thought Naked Wines lived up to our expectations. 

Should you use Naked Wines?

Based on our testing, we feel that Naked Wines delivery service is a great way to discover new wines without ever leaving your home. The entire process is organized and well thought out, from pricing to wine selection to delivery. 

We recommend Naked Wines to those who order a lot of wine and enjoy New World wines, as they will benefit the most and see the most significant savings. Those who drink less than one or two bottles of wine a month or prefer the winery experience might not appreciate this wine service. 


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