Which Infant Optics or Miku baby monitor is best? 

Baby monitors are helpful for parents, allowing you to watch your baby while they’re sleeping or playing in their room. Some even have the capability to monitor while you might be out of the house. 

Baby monitors provide you with video footage so you can see your baby, as well as audio to be able to hear them if they’re crying or have woken up. Having a monitor gives a busy parent peace of mind and the ability to get tasks done around the house or enjoy a hobby. There are many unique features that baby monitors provide parents to ensure the best way to monitor their little one from afar. 

Infant Optics baby monitors

Infant Optics brand is popularly known for their modern monitors that have high-quality features to make parenting easier and safer. Infant Optics gives parents three different monitor options to choose from. Their monitors all have a video feature with high-quality resolution, as well as an audio feature that reduces background noise, giving parents clear audio. Infant Optics monitors also have two-way talk systems so parents can talk to their baby and soothe them throughout the day or night, as well as a volume indicator to notify them when there’s noise from the monitor. 

Infant Optics monitors have night vision cameras so parents can watch their little one throughout the night and see them even if the lights are off in their room. Infant Optics monitors don’t use WiFi, which prevents others from being able to hack cameras and gain access to footage. Some other features include a temperature sensor so parents know when to adjust the thermostat, long battery life to reduce frequency of batteries needing to be charged and a far range to help busy parents to multitask. 

Infant Optics baby monitor pros

Infant Optics baby monitors have plentiful features, a solid design with a modern look, high resolution, good audio and trusted construction. 

Infant Optics baby monitor cons

Infant Optics has a limited selection of monitors, only giving parents three different monitors to choose from. Two of these monitors have advanced features and a high price tag. 

What is the best Infant Optics baby monitor to buy?

Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO 5-Inch Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO 5-Inch Baby Monitor

This baby monitor has high-quality modern features and a reliable build that helps make monitoring easier. It has a 5-inch screen size, while the camera can also be changed to a zoom or wide-angle lens. Active noise reduction ensures the audio being transmitted is clear. This monitor also has a two-way talk system that allows parents to talk to their baby and soothe them. Parents have a range up to 700 feet with this monitor. There’s a temperature sensor so parents know when to adjust the thermostat, night vision to see the baby, a camera with pan and tilt features and it has a long battery life.

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Miku baby monitors

Miku has taken baby monitors to the next level with their advanced technology, setup and use. Miku baby monitor features help them stand out, including analyzing the baby’s breathing and sleep patterns. 

Miku baby monitors require some installation, but it’s simple and the monitor comes with everything parents need to set it up. Instead of a traditional monitor, parents have viewing access to their baby right on their phone with the Miku app. This means you don’t have to charge the monitor or worry about wires or potential replacements. It also cuts down on the amount of additional devices you need. 

Miku isn’t just for babies — it has the ability to monitor the breathing of any living thing.  

Miku baby monitor pros

Miku baby monitors have many reliable, high-end features that other monitors don’t, including in-app monitoring and a sleek design.

Miku baby monitor cons

Miku only offers one monitor, giving parents a limited selection. The high price isn’t budget-friendly for everyone. 

What is the best Miku baby monitor to buy?

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Miku’s baby monitor has features that track baby’s breathing, sounds and sleeping patterns, giving parents insight on their baby’s health and wellness. The Miku Pro can be monitored straight from your phone at any time and has encrypted technology to protect your video from others being able to hack into the stream. 

Some other features include a two-way talk system, sleep sounds and lullabies and room temperature displays. This monitor also works when the internet is down and gives parents a real-time stream of video to the app. Since the monitor can track sleeping patterns, it can help parents get a better idea of how to improve or help their babies’ sleep environment, making sure they’re comfortable and content. It alerts parents right from the app of any changes in conditions, such as the baby’s vitals and nursery conditions. 

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Should you buy an Infant Optics or Miku baby monitor?

Both Infant Optics and Miku are well-known, trusted brands with desirable features and technology. However, despite its high price, Miku baby monitor is the overall best pick because of its unique ability to not only deliver video and audio, but also monitor breathing and sleeping. The Miku is the best choice due to its reliability, clear video, in-app experience and benefits to parents in the long run, allowing them to rest and worry less, knowing they’ll be alerted if their baby might need them.


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