If you loved the viral TikTok leggings, check out these 6 similar styles


Did you know? Leggings were first called ‘hose’ and were strictly worn by men.

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What else should you check out if you loved the viral Tik Tok leggings? 

It can be hard to find a good pair of leggings that will not only slim and flatter your figure, but also offer comfort. That’s why a pair of leggings that accentuated and lifted the behind while providing optimal coverage and comfort went viral on Tik Tok. 

This specific style of legging features gathered fabric at the contour line of the behind to give the illusion of a lift and provide added support. The popular pants have been in demand for a while, which could make them hard to find. If you need an alternative option, there are several high-waisted leggings that will offer the same gathered fabric design, variety of colors and style as the beloved ones online.  

What to consider before you buy dupes of the viral Tik Tok leggings 

High waist 

A high-waist is key to the flattering fit of the leggings that went viral on Tik Tok. The higher cut gives the illusion of length, and also allows the thicker waistband to sit on your stomach instead of your hip. This adds support in the hips, thighs and rear, which can make everything look lifted.


The variety of color options is part of the appeal of the leggings that went viral on Tik Tok. A darker colored legging will not only go with everything in your wardrobe, but will also give a slimming and more flawless look to the countoured lift because it will hide the seams and gathered fabric well. A lighter color may give you a fuller appearance, and it may be more noticable that some stitching magic is responsible for the lift. Choose the color of legging that best suits your needs and you feel most comfortable wearing.


What makes leggings look like they give you lift and support is the placement of the gathered seams. What will make the leggings comfortable is the type of fabric. If you plan to lounge in the garment and would like to be warm, opt for knit or cotton leggings. If you plan to be active, consider a more lightweight and breathable fabric such as spandex, nylon or polyester.

For more information, take a look at the full women’s leggings buying guides from BestReviews.

Price of leggings similar to the viral Tik Tok leggings

Leggings similar to the viral Tik Tok leggings will cost $17-$150 depending on the brand, fabric and features. Leggings made by a popular brand with lightweight lifting fabric and adjustability will be $40 or more. 

Tips for buying leggings similar to the viral Tik Tok leggings

  • Look for leggings with a high supportive waistline. 
  • Make sure the waistband on the leggings is thick. This will lift the behind. 
  • Buy leggings that feature some type of spandex or elastane for added comfort while you work out. 

Leggings FAQ

What feature makes the viral Tik Tok leggings so flattering? 

  1. The feature that makes this product and similar products so flattering is the gathered fabric that contours the behind. The gathered, pulled-up fabric serves to provide added support to the behind and makes it look lifted. The added support and extra scrunched fabric also accentuates the lines of the legs. 

How many times can I wear leggings before having to wash them? 

  1. Depending on how much you sweat in your leggings, the recommended wear is three to four times. If you workout and produce a lot of sweat, wash your leggings more often. However, if you plan to lounge in this item you do not need to wash them after every wear. 

Best leggings similar to the viral Tik Tok leggings

Reosse High Waist Yoga Pants 

Reosse High Waist Yoga Pants 

These leggings feature a four-way stretch, opaque fabric that slims. It provides lightweight comfort along with sweat absorption and moisture-wicking qualities during exercise. The wide waistband provides added support for the waist and behind and works to flatter the figure. This product comes in multiple colors.

Available at: Amazon

HIGORUN Women’s Seamless Leggings Smile Contour

HIGORUN Women’s Seamless Leggings Smile Contour

These leggings are made with lightweight and breathable fabric and feature a pull-on closure for added comfort. They are part of the brand’s Naked Feeling collection and the seamless design is flattering on every shape. They feature dry technology and are designed for yoga and training. The waistband delivers extra support, too.

Available at: Amazon

Dreamoon Butt Scrunch Seamless Leggings

Dreamoon Butt Scrunch Seamless Leggings

These leggings feature a lightweight and stretchy fabric that looks seamless. These leggings are breathable and feel weightless on your body. They work to contour the shape of your legs, while the compression waist gives a smooth shape. The gathered fabric in the rear pushes up the behind and adds support.

Available at: Amazon

Nike Women's Pro Tights

Nike Women’s Pro Tights

This item features a tight, body-hugging feel. The dri-fit technology allows those who wear this item to stay dry and comfortable while they exercise. The side of the leggings feature mesh panels along the back and lower legs for airflow and breathability. The mid-rise waistband is supportive.

Available at: Dicks Sporting Goods

Beach Riot Cara Rib Legging

Beach Riot Cara Rib Legging

These ribbed leggings are made with ribbed fabric for durability and a flattering shape on the legs They feature a surplice V-shaped waistband to flatter the waist and hide sections of the stomach. The waistband is adjustable and works to support and contour the behind. This item requires a cold hand wash when cleaning.

Available at: Revolve

Years Of Ours Veronica Ribbed Legging

Years Of Ours Veronica Ribbed Legging

These leggings feature a ribbed knit fabric for extra durability and warmth. The waistband is elastic, and the stretch is flattering on curves. This item features a surplice front for style, flexibility and lift. It is a rib knit fabric.

Available at: Revolve


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