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With the holidays fast approaching, it’s high time to get gifts in order for your family, friends and even yourself. Luckily for everybody, there’s a wide variety of products on sale today. In particular, there’s a great selection of discounted personal electronics like headphones, Chromebooks and even 3D printers.

We’ve dug deep to find today’s best Cyber Monday deals and some of them are proving to be very popular. With that in mind, many of the available discounts are subject to change at a moment’s notice, and we’ll do our best to make sure everything here is as up to date as possible.

Top deals on tech products for Cyber Monday

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 11 Chromebook

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 11 Chromebook: $70 off at Amazon

This compact laptop operates on the lightweight Chrome OS, which offers access to the Google Play Store and therefore can run a huge range of productive and fun apps. Its steep holiday discount makes it a better investment than ever before. Available at Amazon.

Cup Call Cup Holder Phone Mount

Cup Call Cup Holder Phone Mount: 25% off at Bed Bath & Beyond

Hands-free operation isn’t just safer for everyone on the road—it’s also the law in most places. This dependable phone holder helps you focus on driving while holding a conversation, adjusting streaming services and following directions. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

VIVO Steel Universal Dual Soundbar Mount

VIVO Steel Universal Dual Soundbar Mount: 50% off at Amazon

Getting your speakers in the right place is critical when it comes to getting good audio out of a home theater system. This reliable mount allows you to install a soundbar wherever you need it for an accurate stereo experience. Available at Amazon.

Anker PowerCore III Portable Power Bank

Anker PowerCore III Portable Power Bank: 35% off at Amazon

With new smartphones and laptops that are able to handle high-speed USB charging, this portable battery pack should prove especially useful. It supports some advanced charging protocols and is rated to last for many recharge cycles. Available at Amazon.

Victrola Classic 7-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable

Victrola Classic 7-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable: $30 off at Kohl’s

Whether you have a collection of vintage records or are a modern vinyl enthusiast, this quality record player lets you listen to your collection in pristine mono or stereo without any worry of damage. Available at Kohl’s.

ELEGOO Mars 2 3D Printer

ELEGOO Mars 2 3D Printer: $44 off at Amazon

This advanced 3D printer uses ultraviolet light to cure specialized plastic resin, and the end result is a generally smoother and higher-resolution print than you can get with traditional filament printing. The premium end product coupled with a steep holiday discount makes this a great choice for serious hobbyists. Available at Amazon.

Ozeri Gusto Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Ozeri Gusto Electric Wine Bottle Opener: 31% off at Bed Bath & Beyond

To avoid the hassle that comes with trying to force stubborn corks out of wine bottles, consider this electric wine bottle opener. Its dependable build quality and remarkable convenience make it a great gift for beverage enthusiasts of all ages. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

FURBO HD Treat Dispenser and Pet Camera

FURBO HD Treat Dispenser and Pet Camera: $30 off at Chewy

If you’re at work or out of town and you know your furry friends are missing you, this pet camera will help you reassure them that you’ll be back soon. It comes complete with a treat dispenser, so you can reward your pets’ good behavior as they wait patiently to see their human. Available at Chewy.

Garmin Approach S12 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S12 GPS Golf Watch: $50.01 off at Dick’s

Good for far more than telling time, this premium golf watch makes the perfect companion on some of the most popular courses in America. It can help you chart your course through the links by providing various metrics and data feeds to let you know exactly where you lie. Available at Dick’s.

Black Diamond Icon 700 Headlamp

Black Diamond Icon 700 Headlamp: $24.99 off at Backcountry

If you plan on spending time in the wilderness, this premium headlamp should be on your packing list. It’s especially bright, has multiple modes and is built to last for years of frequent use. Available at Backcountry.

GlocalMe U3 Mobile Hotspot

GlocalMe U3 Mobile Hotspot: $24 off at Amazon

Because you can’t always rely on your smartphone’s hotspot function, this high-speed mobile hotspot is a must-have for those who work on the road and don’t want to be tied to a coffee shop or other fixed Wi-Fi hotspot. Available at Amazon.

Joule by Breville Sous Vide

Joule by Breville Sous Vide: $179.54 off at Sur la table

The simplicity and precision of sous vide cooking makes it a relatively healthy way to prepare perfectly cooked meats and other foods. This high-end circulator machine is a reliable and effective model, and it’s offered at a holiday discount that’s hard to ignore. Available at Sur la table.

Topsung Walkie Talkies

Topsung Walkie Talkies: 45% off at Amazon

Lots of different people can take advantage of the convenience of walkie-talkies, including security workers, paintball players and more. This set offers a long range, good battery life, and high-quality microphones and speakers, in addition to a respectable price cut. Available at Amazon.

DJI FPV Combo Drone

DJI FPV Combo Drone: $300 off at Amazon

Whether you’re interested in creative landscape photography or fun first-person flying, this drone can get you started. With a little practice, it’s suitable for pilots of almost any age and notably more durable than drones from years past. $300 off at Amazon.

Stealth Cam Double Drop X Trail Camera

Stealth Cam Double Drop X Trail Camera: $70.01 off at Dick’s

If you’re trying to get a handle on the local wildlife for hunting or conservation purposes, this powerful trail camera has you covered. Its high resolution and good sensitivity to light make it ideal for a number of climates and uses. Available at Dick’s.

Belkin SoundForm Kids’ Wireless Headphones

Belkin SoundForm Kids’ Wireless Headphones: 44% off at Amazon

There are thousands of headphones on the market made for adults, but this kid-friendly model makes it easy to keep young ears safe without sacrificing sound quality. To top it all off, these headphones are very well priced this holiday season. Available at Amazon.

Fitbit Ace 3 for Kids

Fitbit Ace 3 for Kids: $30 off at Kohl’s

Some kids like to keep track of their exercise, and this child-friendly fitness tracker makes it that much easier to motivate little ones to stay in shape. It’s sized specifically to fit comfortably on small wrists and doesn’t cost very much. Available at Kohl’s.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE: $150 off at Amazon

From one of the leaders in high-end smartphones comes this reasonably priced tablet that’s packed with powerful components that deliver a highly enjoyable Android OS experience. With full access to the Google Play Store, there’s very little this personal tablet can’t do. Available at Amazon.

Eargo 5

Eargo 5: $500 off at Amazon

This revolutionary hearing aid takes a product category once dominated by clunky and inconsistent hearing aids and turns it on its head, offering high-definition sound, a reliable build quality and, above all, a supremely comfortable fit. Available at Amazon.

BEZGAR Beginner's RC Truck

BEZGAR Beginner’s RC Truck: 45% off at Amazon

You can relive your childhood memories of racing remote-controlled machines around the house or pass that memory on to the next generation with this dependable RC toy. It has a relatively long battery life and is surprisingly durable given the low holiday price. Available at Amazon.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box: $50 off at Amazon

Invest in this automated cat litter robot and say goodbye to kneeling beside the litter box and scooping out clumps. You might not think it’s a necessity at first glance, but once you automate the process of cleaning your cat’s litter box, you’ll never want to go back to using a hand shovel. Available at Amazon.

Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog

Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog: 15% off at Amazon

While it’s no replacement for the real thing, this cute and fun robot dog offers hours of entertainment and makes a good introduction to programmable and voice-controlled electronics, especially for young kids. Available at Amazon.


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