The best road trip games for couples

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What are the best road trip games for couples? 

Road trips are meant to spark adventure and provide a bonding experience for loved ones. When on a road trip with that special someone, consider purchasing a game to bring you closer together, make time go faster and lead to a lot of laughter. In pursuit of the best couples road trip game, consider the purpose of the game and look for a product that has compact packaging and varying levels of duration. 

If you are looking for a couples road trip game that makes time go by quickly and builds a stronger relationship, the Date Deck is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a road trip game for couples


When purchasing a couples road trip game, consider how long the game is meant to last in relation to how long you will be on the road. Search for a game that can be paused and picked back up at any time, rather than a game that has to be played without stopping. This will be helpful when stopping for gas or other items while on the road. Consider a game that can last for multiple hours, in case of a traffic jam.


It’s important to consider what you and your partner would like to get from the game. Some games are meant to build relationships, while other games are made for the sole purpose of a fun way to pass time. For example, popular road trip games for couples include conversational question games. These questions can range from trivia about specific topics to personal questions about each other. Some cards are designed to provoke deep thought and strengthen a relationship, while others are meant to be more light hearted. 

Consider purchasing a light-hearted game that allows you to get to know the other person more if you’ve only been together for a short period of time. If you have been a couple for a long time, consider games with deep questions that you don’t already know about each other. Regardless of the duration of your relationship, a good road trip game should provide a fun way to pass the time. 

What to look for in a quality road trip game for couples


A quality road trip game for couples will be compact and able to fit in any location in the car. Games that contain many parts will be harder to organize and less convenient to locate, but games that fit in one box and are uniform in size will provide more space for necessary items. When storing your road trip game, consider putting it in a place meant for storing small objects, such as a side compartment or the glove compartment. This will ensure that you have room in the open spaces of the car for ease of access to necessary items.


A good road trip game for travel can be played for hours at a time to help make the time move quickly. Make sure that the game you purchase keeps you on your toes while still allowing you or your partner to pay good attention to the road ahead. Games that require too much conversation and concentration can distract the driver from paying attention to the road. Choose a game that can end at any time and doesn’t require too much effort.


While you do not want to purchase a game that takes away from the attention of the driver, buying a game that makes you think a little will be more fun for both partners involved. The less you are thinking about traveling, the quicker the time will pass and the more laughter will be had. Consider purchasing a road trip game that allows you and your partner to think about the question or strategy. This will keep you occupied for a longer time. 

How much you can expect to spend on road trip games for couples

Road trip games for couples can cost anywhere from $12-$30, depending on the brand, content and strategy of the game. Less complex games can be purchased for $12-$18 while more popular games with all the best features can go for $25+.

Road trip games for couples FAQ

Does my road trip gain have to be in the form of cards? 

A. No, the road trip game that you purchase does not have to be a card game. However, this is the most popular, convenient and compact style of travel game. If you do not prefer card games, consider purchasing games that come in one piece rather than multiple, smaller pieces.  

Where is the best place to store my road trip game? 

A. The best place to store a road trip game is a side, overhead or glove compartment. Store your road trip game somewhere that is easy to reach from the passenger seat, but does not take space from a necessary road trip item. 

What are the best road trip games for couples to buy?

Top road trip game for couples

Date Deck

Date Deck

What you need to know: A thought-provoking and engaging game for relationship building.

What you’ll love: This product takes the conversation beyond small talk and requires those playing to think a little deeper. This game is small enough to fit in small compartments and portable enough to be stored in a pocket on the go. It allows for couples to get to know each other on a deeper level and encourages quality time. 

What you should consider: Date Deck is not for those who have only dated for a few months. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top road trip game for couples for the money

Our Moments Couples Card Game

Our Moments Couples Card Game

What you need to know: A road trip card game meant to deliver fun as well as intimacy. 

What you’ll love: This game is perfect for those who have just started dating to get to know each other quickly, as well as those who have dated for a long time to know each other on a deeper level. The item features 100 unique questions from various categories that are in random order. The box that holds the cards is compact and tightly sealed. 

What you should consider: If you order off of Amazon, there’s a chance that a few cards will arrive misprinted. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Love Lingual Card Game

Love Lingual Card Game

What you need to know: A good game for couples, family and friends. 

 What you’ll love: The game is divided into four categories varying from personal questions to hypothetical scenarios within 150 cards. The cards are made with high-quality paper and lamination so that they can last in any environment. This game was specifically inspired by psychologists to create meaningful conversations and fun with people you just met or people you have known forever. 

What you should consider: The questions require clear and elaborate answers for proper play and may be too distracting for the person driving the car.  

Where to buy: Amazon

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