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When packing your travel makeup organizer, you can select what products to carry based on the outfits you’ll be wearing during your trip. That way, you won’t pack anything you don’t need.

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The best travel makeup organizer

If you travel a lot (or even a little) you need a makeup bag that is portable and travel-friendly. You don’t want to have all your makeup jammed in with the rest of your luggage or have your makeup in a bag that doesn’t protect your products from breaking or spilling.  It can be frustrating when your makeup is so disorganized that you can’t find anything when you need it.

A travel makeup organizer fixes that issue as it protects all your products in different compartments. If you’re looking to organize your makeup and skincare, the Ricardo 13-inch Deluxe Organizer is a must-have. 

What to know before you buy a travel makeup organizer

Size and shape 

Travel makeup organizers come in a range of styles and sizes for different needs. While you can choose any size or shape that you like, it’s a good idea to consider what size and style would best suit your needs. For instance, if you don’t use a lot of makeup products, it might be better to choose an organizer that is small and can easily fit into a bag or can be folded to fit into a suitcase. A user that often uses many products will need a larger organizer and may find square and circular shapes to be the most common and useful shape for them. 


Typically, travel organizers for makeup come in a square or spherical design with different zips, compartments, or smaller pouches within the bag. Some bags will come with features such as a handle, extra zippers or pockets, or a hook for hanging. Consider where you’ll be traveling to and what products you usually travel with to decide what makeup bag design would suit you best. 

What to look for in a quality travel makeup organizer

Easy access 

Since you’ll most likely be using your travel makeup organizer for travel, it’s important to have one that gives you easy access to the products and items you’ll need. Whether you need to quickly grab your go-to makeup brushes, or scan all your products, a high-quality travel organizer will give you room to view and access everything you’ve packed. 

Different sized compartments

The different compartments in an organizer ensure that every item you have will fit somewhere with ease. Most organizers have room for products to be comfortably placed at the base of the bag, pockets to tuck in small items and slots for brushes and pencils. Even small bags will come with different-sized compartments; this makes the organization much easier and more efficient. 


Though almost any material can be used for makeup bags, a travel makeup organizer has to be made of material that can withstand the rigors of travel. Because of the constant movement and transportation during travel, products tend to spill or break in suitcases. Choosing the right material will protect the other items in your luggage from getting soiled if any product accidentally breaks or spills. Aside from being spillproof or waterproof, some travel organizers may also be shockproof and anti-wear. 


Though a travel makeup organizer is ideal for makeup, it should be able to carry other products that you may need during travel such as skincare, sanitary products and even accessories. 

How much you can expect to spend on a travel makeup organizer

High-end travel makeup organizers usually cost around $45-$200 while budget-friendly organizers go for about $11-$35. 

Travel makeup organizer FAQ

What should I carry in my makeup bag?

A. You should try and pack as many essentials as you can. Some basics to always have are moisturizer, foundation, pencils and lipgloss. 

What are makeup bags called?

A. Makeup bags are also called vanity cases, vanity boxes or makeup kits. 

What’s the best travel makeup organizer to buy?

Top travel makeup organizer

Ricardo 13-Inch Deluxe Organizer

Ricardo 13-inch Deluxe Organizer 

What you need to know: This classy, roomy organizer has various compartments for all your products as well as a metal hook for hanging. 

What you’ll love: With pockets and dividers, this bag has enough space to hold full-size bottles, brushes and other products. With a simple snap-out style and dual zips, seeing and accessing your products is quick and easy. The bag is also made of polyester and leak-resistant lining for easy cleaning. 

What you should consider: Some users have noted that the handle drop is too small to fit over a suitcase handle. As such, it must either be packed in a suitcase or carried separately. 

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s and Amazon 

Top travel makeup organizer for the money

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case

What you need to know: This sturdy, multifunctional makeup bag is made with Oxford fabric and has adjustable compartments. 

What you’ll love: Made with high-quality material, this bag is lightweight, waterproof and shockproof. It’s also great for carrying other items aside from makeup such as cameras, electronics or jewelry. With a two-way zipper, different compartments, brush slots and a flap that separates brushes from products, it’s easy to keep all your things clean and organized. 

What you should consider: There have been complaints that the adjustable compartments don’t snap into place properly after a while. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Lug Trolley Bag

Lug Trolley Bag

What you need to know: This shallow, compact waterproof case is perfect for small products and items that can stand or be laid down. 

What you’ll love: Though small, this bag has the capacity to hold a number of products and items with its unique design and 11 pockets. With different colors and designs to choose from, the material is also waterproof and can be cleaned easily. 

What you should consider: There have been a couple of complaints that the stitching of the interior mesh pocket rips more easily than expected. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s


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