Best travel accessory for your small dog

Travel Essentials

When you travel overnight with small dogs, make sure you pack slightly more food and water than you need. In the event of flight or journey delays, you’ll have enough on hand to cover another couple of feedings.

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Which travel accessory for your small dog is best?

If you often travel with a small dog, especially on airplanes and public transportation, you sometimes need to get creative to make the journey more enjoyable for both parties. That’s why many small dog owners invest in special travel accessories for their favorite co-pilots.

There are a few travel accessories specifically geared toward small breeds, including size-appropriate collapsible bowls and carrier bags. The Modoker Airline-Approved Pet Travel Bag, a top choice among air travelers, includes half a dozen travel essentials and offers plenty of storage for additional items. 

What to know before you buy travel accessories for your small dog

What travel accessories do I need for small dogs?

Not all trips and excursions call for the same travel accessories. More than anything, your method of travel and how long you’ll be away from home determines what you need to bring.

Day trips, for example, may only require food and water bowls and dog poop bags. However, road trips often require additional supplies, including pet beds, extra dog food or pens. Plane trips or train rides, on the other hand, may require transit-friendly dog carriers. 

Is it worth buying travel accessories for small dogs?

Many small breed owners agree that some of the best investments you can make are in quality travel accessories. This is especially important for owners who bring their dogs with them to many places, whether it’s pet-friendly stores, the office or weekend getaways. Certain accessories lend themselves to everyday use, such as travel treat containers, harnesses or collapsible water bowls. 

Do I need special travel accessories for puppies?

While puppies and small dogs may be similar in size, puppies require different travel accessories. Those who are undergoing housebreaking, for example, often need puppy pads or diapers. They may require special dental accessories or chewable toys to self-soothe or relieve stress in unfamiliar environments if they’re teething. When you spend nights away from home with your puppy, you may also need a travel pet bed or crate.

What to look for in quality travel accessories for your small dog


Above all else, travel accessories for small dogs should be portable and convenient. Most of these items are lightweight for easy, comfortable carrying, such as backpack dog carriers. Others are collapsible to fit easily inside bags or luggage, like folding pet beds. Additionally, many dog travel accessories are designed small enough to fit inside handbags or carry-on luggage. 


Because many small dog owners often travel with their companions, it’s no surprise they gravitate toward durable travel accessories. Many items, including silicone water bowls, are waterproof and rip-resistant. Other accessories withstand regular washing, whether it’s in the washing machine or dishwasher. Dog carriers, in particular, are usually made with strong materials and reinforced stitching that supports the weight of small dogs. 


Several dog carrier bags and travel totes are advertised as “airline-approved” and are acceptable to bring onto planes. However, this labeling is neither official nor regulated in the airline industry, and only some airlines will allow you to bring these bags onto the plane. Among other considerations, it’s best to speak directly with the airline at the time of booking to go over special allowances and accommodations for small dogs related to carriers and totes bags.

How much you can expect to spend on travel accessories for your small dog

Basic essentials like collapsible food bowls and treat containers cost $10 and below. Specialized travel accessories, such as pet beds and car harnesses, fall in the $15-$50 price range. Carrier bags, pet also luggage and travel totes retail anywhere from $30-$250. 

Travel accessories for your small dog FAQ

Should I bring dog toys on trips?

A. It’s common for dog owners to bring toys on trips, whether it’s a ball, frisbee or chew toy. In addition, certain dogs may benefit from bringing a favorite plush animal, which retains “home” scents and maybe comforting in hotel rooms and other new environments. 

Do I need a different leash when I travel with my dog?

A. Some small breed owners invest in shorter leases for use in airports, train stations and other public places. Single-length leashes are often preferred over retractable ones because they may offer more control. Several small dog owners also invest in leashes with reflective details to boost their companion’s visibility to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. 

What’s the best travel accessory for your small dog to buy?

Top travel accessory for your small dog

Modoker Airline-Approved Pet Travel Bag

Modoker Airline-Approved Pet Travel Bag

What you need to know: A popular all-in-one kit, this pet travel bag includes all the essentials for weekend getaways.

What you’ll love: Set includes an airline-approved bag along with food storage bags and collapsible bowls. The bag and accessories are lightweight for easy, comfortable carrying. It has a high level of organizing to store smaller items, like treats and toys. 

What you should consider: The bag lacks identification tags, and there are some reports that the accessories aren’t as durable as expected. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top travel accessory for your small dog for the money

Rest-Eazzzy Expandable Dog Bowls for Travel

Rest-Eazzzy Expandable Dog Bowls for Travel

What you need to know: Whether it’s a short hike or a plane trip, these collapsible dog bowls are ideal for eating and drinking on the go. 

What you’ll love: The bowls are made with high-grade BPA-free silicone that is dishwasher-safe and pet-friendly. They’re tilt-resistant, including when they’re filled with food and water. The bowls collapse for easy storage, plus they have carabiners that clip onto backpacks.

What you should consider: The plastic carabiner hole is somewhat flimsy and may break under light pressure. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

EliteField Soft-Sided Airline-Approved Dog Carrier Bag

EliteField Soft-Sided Airline-Approved Dog Carrier Bag

What you need to know: When you take Fido on the plane, this breathable carrier bag is a popular choice for comfortable accommodations. 

What you’ll love: The soft-sided bag has multiple mesh panels to boost ventilation inside it. It’s suitable for multiple modes of travel with a seat belt loop and luggage strap. There is a small zipper mesh panel that lets you pet Fido while he’s inside the bag. 

What you should consider: Several customers stated they wanted the top of the bag to open, not just side panels. 

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy


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