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Which RV toilet paper is best?

There isn’t a soul on the planet that would choose to use a gas station bathroom on a road trip unless the circumstances were dire. If your road trip is facilitated by the use of an RV, you can thankfully avoid this horror, but the trade-off is you have to make sure your RV bathroom doesn’t become clogged by using improper toilet paper. An excellent option for avoiding the gas station and preventing a messy mistake is Angel Soft Toilet Paper, thanks to its strong construction and softness.

What to know before you buy RV toilet paper

What makes toilet paper “for RVs”

It’s all about how quickly the sheets of toilet paper begin to dissolve, with toilet papers specifically marketed to RV use being “rapid-dissolve.” However, most standard toilet papers still dissolve quickly enough to be used safely. The sewage system of an RV can become clogged if you use toilet paper that doesn’t dissolve quickly enough, so if you’re unsure just test it by placing some sheets in water. If it starts to dissolve within five to10 seconds, it should be fine.

Ply number

Toilet paper comes in either one-, two- or three-ply forms, with the higher the number of plies typically meaning higher levels of thickness, durability, absorbency and softness. Most toilet paper is two-ply with three-ply toilet papers being considered a premium item and one-ply being considered cheap. Some one-ply and three-ply options can be qualitatively equal to two-ply options though, so always check the user reviews to find a good deal or make sure you aren’t overspending.

Roll size

The size of a toilet paper roll is more important for RVs than other uses as RVs have far more limited room, both in use and in storage. Larger rolls will last longer without needing to be replaced, but smaller rolls mean more room inside the RV. Consider the overall size of your RV carefully before purchasing a package of toilet paper.

What to look for in quality RV toilet paper

Strength vs. softness

The construction process of toilet paper that leads to a particular roll’s qualities is mostly dependent on how much of the materials used are recycled vs. virgin (new). Recycled materials typically lead a toilet paper to have less softness but increased strength while virgin materials lead to the inverse effect. Both options are equally good choices with the deciding factor being your personal preferences.


Many toilet paper brands use textures to accomplish various goals. Some textures increase the strength of the toilet paper. Others, like pleating and quilting lead to greater adhesion and softness, respectively. Other textures are simply the logo of the brand embossed onto the toilet paper. Many consumers have personal preferences when it comes to textured toilet paper so feel free to experiment to find what works for you.

How much you can expect to spend on RV toilet paper

When shopping for RV toilet paper the cost to look for is the price per roll, not the overall cost of the package. Most toilet paper can be considered inexpensive for less than $.50 per roll while expensive toilet paper typically costs $1 per roll or more.

RV toilet paper FAQ

Does it really matter what orientation the roll is situated in when placed on a toilet paper holder?

A. Yes and no. Those more opinionated than others might struggle to utilize an orientation that goes against their views, but on a technical level, there isn’t enough of a difference to argue the point. That said, the over orientation is used for the original toilet paper patent while the under orientation has been noted to be a little more difficult for young children and playful pets to fully spin out (which could be a good thing). 

Why is there backlash against ultra-soft versions of toilet paper?

A. It all comes down to how toilet paper is produced. Currently, that usually means mixing recycled and virgin pulps, fibers and stocks. However, ultra-soft toilet papers require the use of a fiber found only in virgin paper stock. This means ultra-soft toilet papers require further deforestation.

What’s the best RV toilet paper to buy?

Top RV toilet paper 

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

What you need to know: This toilet paper is soft, affordable and durable without being strong enough to interfere with RV plumbing.

What you’ll love: The double roll size helps to make this toilet paper even more affordable and is available in three bundle sizes to best fit your needs. The size of the roll should fit most RV toilet paper holders.

What you should consider: There is no three-ply option of this toilet paper brand. Large bundles are the most economical but might not fit in your RV.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top RV toilet paper for the money

Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

What you need to know: If you have sensitive skin or otherwise find standard toilet paper to be uncomfortable to use, then this is a good choice.

What you’ll love: An infusion of lotion is what allows this toilet paper to prevent irritation and helps to soothe previously irritated skin. This toilet paper has also been dermatologist tested and approved. It’s available in three bundle sizes: six, 12 and 18.

What you should consider: The addition of lotion leads this toilet paper to be less absorbent than other standard toilet paper options. Some consumers reported the toilet paper wasn’t soft enough for their liking.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

What you need to know: This toilet paper is an excellent choice for those who value softness and absorbability above all other toilet paper aspects.

What you’ll love: The three-ply construction makes for an ultra-soft and highly absorbent toilet paper. It also makes for a lint-free toilet paper. Quilted Northern utilizes an embossed design on its toilet paper rolls to provide superior comfort and cleaning ability. 

What you should consider: This toilet paper only comes in bulk sizes, either one 24 pack or two 24 packs, meaning all the rolls may take up more RV storage space than you have.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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