Which men’s toiletry bag is best?

Toiletry bags, also commonly known as dopp kits, have been popular items since they were first issued by the U.S. military during World War I. Toiletry bags are useful items for everyday use and for travel. A good toiletry bag should be spacious enough to contain smaller versions of all your bathroom products. Toiletry bags are available in men’s and women’s designs, but unisex designs are also common. A good toiletry bag for men is essential to keep all those bathroom products separate in your luggage. 

If you want to buy the best men’s toiletry bag, look no further than the KomalC: Premium Buffalo Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag, which features sturdy handles and a waster-resistant canvas lining.

What to know before you buy a men’s toiletry bag

Choosing a toiletry bag can be a difficult task, and there are many things to consider. Generally, all toiletry bags serve the same purpose. Still, some men might have a preference in color, material or design that suits their tastes more. 


Most toiletry bags that claim to be water-resistant are not trying to tell you that no water will get in. Water-resistant means that the bag can tolerate some water, but hanging it in the shower will cause inside items to get wet. A water-resistant bag can only deflect regular bathroom spillages and splashes.


Different men require different amounts of toiletries, as some men get by with the bare minimum while others require a lot more products to keep themselves feeling fresh and presentable. Consider how many products you use regularly or daily before deciding which bag to purchase.


There are different styles of toiletry bags for men to consider. A makeup-style bag consists of one compartment where everything is kept together. A hanging bag is convenient for when in hotel bathrooms where there is little room to keep it. Other bags might have different pockets, mesh dividers and elastic straps for organizing your items better.

What to look for in a quality men’s toiletry bag


The classic toiletry bag is made from genuine leather or suede. Many men prefer this vintage look and base their purchasing decisions on this alone. Nylon and polyester are also durable materials for toiletry bags. However, these may require a little more regular cleaning and drying. 


Toiletry bags often have external pockets for easy access to the most-used items. Inside might have more mesh pockets where you can categorize your products yet still see them. Hanging bags should have a compartment for stowing away the hanger when not in use, and elastic straps help pin down toothbrushes or combs.


These are usually regular zippers, but they could be magnetic closures. Some bags may even have double zippers for extra security. Whatever the style, the fasteners should keep the contents inside secure in your luggage.

How much you can expect to spend on a men’s toiletry bag

Basic and small makeup bag style toiletry bags are available for less than $10 at the economic end of the price spectrum. High-end premium leather bags could cost as much as $150. However, good-quality bags can usually be found in the $15-$60 range.

Men’s toiletry bag FAQ

Can regular-sized toiletries easily fit into a toiletry bag?

A. The short answer is yes. However, you may be pushed for space. How many items you require is key to answering this question. Widely-available small-sized products are recommended when packing a toiletry bag for vacations. However, also bear in mind that many bathroom products will be available at most destinations.

Are toiletry bags big enough for the whole family?

A. This is unlikely, but not impossible. Again, it depends on the number of products that each individual wishes to take. Sharing small-sized products on short trips might work. However, toiletry bags are designed for individuals. Therefore, it is more likely that each family member will need their own bag.

What’s the best men’s toiletry bag to buy?

Top men’s toiletry bag

KomalC: Premium Buffalo Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag

KomalC: Premium Buffalo Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag

What you need to know: This durable genuine buffalo leather dopp kit is an excellent item for men to travel with or to use at home.

What you’ll love: The quality material gives this bag a vintage look. It has sturdy buckles and features many compartments. Water resistance is provided by a quality canvas lining and an inside lining in all the pockets.

What you should consider: The genuine buffalo leather means it is inappropriate for vegans.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top men’s toiletry bag for the money

Pavilia: Toiletry Bag For Men

Pavilia: Toiletry Bag For Men

What you need to know: This polyurethane leather bag is suitable for vegans. It is a spacious and durable bag perfect for the traveler.

What you’ll love: The many compartments in this bag make it perfect for weekend trips and more extended vacations. Access is quick and easy, and it features four inner compartments. It also features elastic straps for holding small items, such as a toothbrush, in place.

What you should consider: The PU leather may cause a smell if not cleaned and aired regularly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Amazon Basics: Hanging Toiletry Kit

Amazon Basics: Hanging Toiletry Kit

What you need to know:  A well-priced toiletry bag for men that is lightweight and spacious.

What you’ll love: The 168OD polyester is more robust than regular polyester, making this bag durable and water-resistant. The internal lining can be easily cleaned and has plenty of storage space with mesh dividers for better organization. 

What you should consider: The side zippers open from the bottom, potentially causing items to fall out when the bag is hanging up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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