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Which lightweight travel strollers are best? 

Traveling with children can be easy and convenient with the right items. Lightweight and compact travel strollers will provide a safe and secure place for children to rest, while also being easy to transport. Strollers that are best for travel will comply with safety measures similar to regular strollers but will be less bulky. Before you purchase a lightweight travel stroller, consider how much it weighs, the canopy features and the stability of the wheels. 

A lightweight versatile folding stroller that is designed with durability and safety in mind is the Gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller.

What to know before you buy a lightweight travel stroller


Before purchasing a travel stroller consider how much the item weighs and the restrictions that could be presented while flying, such as weight restrictions for carry-on items. 

Items that are light and easy to transport should still be durable. 


The best lightweight strollers for travel will feature a retractable canopy that allows for the child in the stroller to have shade from the sun or stay dry if the weather conditions are not ideal. A retractable canopy allows for the child to have privacy while being strolled around as well as added protection from strangers and the weather.  


Lightweight travel strollers should have wheels that are equipped to withstand all different types of terrains. Double wheels that feature locking technology will provide the most security for the child in the stroller and will be the safest, easiest way to push the item around on any surface. Locking wheels allow for abrupt stops without causing the child to fall out of the stroller. Non-slip, durable wheels are also good features in a stroller.

Secure straps

The straps that hold the child into the travel stroller should be securely fitted and closed. These items are typically fastened with a buckle and are of the best quality when they feature pads that bring the child comfort rather than constraint. They should be adjustable for children of various sizes and ages and should be securely closed to prevent the child from escaping or falling out while on the go. 

What to look for in a quality lightweight travel stroller


The best lightweight travel strollers come with an area for users to store necessary travel items or the child’s items. Strollers with storage bags or added space are of best use when on the go. Some lightweight travel strollers will even feature cup holders so you can operate the stroller with both hands. 

Carrying straps

A quality lightweight travel stroller will provide you with a padded handle or strap that allows you to easily transport the compact, folded item. Either option will be convenient in airports and when getting the item in and out of storage spaces.


You will be able to fold the best lightweight travel strollers to a compact size. This will make them easier to take as carry-ons or pack away into trunks, garages or closets when you aren’t using them.

How much you can expect to spend on a lightweight travel stroller

The best lightweight travel stroller will cost $40-$200 depending on the material and added features. 

Lightweight travel stroller FAQ

Are you able to bring a stroller onto a plane when traveling? 

A. If a stroller is extremely lightweight and compact it will be able to be used as a carry-on item on a plane. Strollers that are heavier and less compact will be less likely to pass as a carry-on. Users should check the airline’s travel guidelines for best use before traveling with a stroller regardless of the weight. 

What are the benefits of a stroller with grip handles? 

A. Strollers with grip handles allow for better control of the stroller when transporting children. If the handles feature grip, it will be harder for the user to slip when pushing the stroller. 

What’s the best lightweight travel stroller to buy?

Top lightweight travel stroller

Gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller

Gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller

What you need to know: This stroller is breathable and features soft velvet fabric. It comes in two different colors and is designed for use in multiple places. This item is recommended for those older than 6 months. 

What you’ll love: The frame is made with durable aluminum and is foldable for compact storage. This non-toxic item can be considered as hand luggage when flying. It has double wheels for stability on various terrains. It comes with a padded inlay that can keep a child warm on cold days. The bottom section of the stroller features a pouch to allow users more storage while on the go. 

What you should consider: The handles rattle and the item doesn’t feel as durable after it is folded multiple times. 

Where to buy: Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond

Top lightweight travel stroller for the money

Summer Infant 3D Mini Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant 3D Mini Convenience Stroller

What you need to know: This mini lightweight stroller has a reclining canopy to add shade and a durable aluminum frame. This item is available in multiple colors. 

What you’ll love: It has auto-lock wheels and can be used for everyday purposes. It can be reclined to multiple positions and can be folded. The back of the stroller has a storage basket and the sides feature two cup holders for multi-purpose use. 

What you should consider: This stroller does not fit children over 25 pounds. 

Where to buy: Amazon and Kohls

Worth checking out

Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller

What you need to know: This stroller comes in a few colors and has double wheels for stability in various settings. It is for children six months old and up and can support up to 40 pounds. This item comes with a padded carrying strap. 

What you’ll love: This item is easy to fold and is extra compact. It features an extensive sun canopy that will protect users from the elements, similar to the use of an umbrella, and the aluminum frame is durable. You can adjust the stroller into different resting positions, and it is easy to clean. It comes with one cup holder and a storage basket. 

What you should consider: It takes multiple steps to collapse this stroller. 

Where to buy: Bed Bath & Beyond


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