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Hangers were invented in the early 1800s to store fancy Victorian Era dresses.

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Hangers should keep your garments and accessories organized as well as clean and wrinkle- free. For hanging clothes on the go, another consideration comes into play, and that is space. Managing your space when packing can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be if you use a travel hanger. When in pursuit of the best hanger for travel to keep your clothes organized and out of the way while you look your best, consider what the hanger is made from, how large the hanger is and how much adjustability it provides when packing. 

If you are looking for an adjustable hanger that is sturdy as well as efficiently storable, the JSF Portable Travel Clothing Hanger is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a hanger for travel


Depending on the type of plastic and its thickness, this material will be most convenient when traveling with hangers. For the sake of the environment, consider reusing the plastic hangers and passing them down when you are done with them for sustainability purposes. Plastic hangers are the worst for the environment, but will be more adjustable and easily stored compared to wooden or wire hangers. Though wire hangers are a good option for your home closet, they are less durable and may not hold heavy clothing on the go. Adjustable plastic hangers also feature notches to keep clothes in place and do not rust over time. 


The size of the hanger is vital when considering which brand you will pack to travel. Large hangers can take up space needed for other necessities in a suitcase. When selecting hangers for travel, consider hangers that fold to be a smaller size rather than a normal hanger. A standard hanger length can be anywhere from 17 to 18 inches long. But for maximum portability, travelers should aim for hangers that are half this length. When traveling, purchase hangers that come in the form of clips or those that fold to half their size and provide adjustable functions. 


A good travel hanger will save you space when packing for your next adventure. Consider how much space you generally have in your suitcase before purchasing a hanger. If you know that you will have a lot of space in your travel bag and prefer normal hangers, then there will be no need to waste resources and purchase a new one. However, if you constantly find yourself needing luggage space, opt for a hanger that is small, foldable and can be stored in minimal places for ease of access and to leave room for other items in your bag. 

What to look for in a quality hanger for travel


A good hanger for travel will be able to fit into any storage space and will be easy to take from one trip to the next. Some hangers are able to be folded to fit into smaller spaces, and some come with their own storage bags. When purchasing a hanger for travel, consider how it will fit into various spaces when you are looking to save room for larger items on a trip. 


A hanger for travel should feature an adjustability setting that allows it to shrink in size. Whether that be a button that allows the hanger to fold or a hanger that inflates and deflates when not in use, this feature is vital when looking to save space for travel. Consider purchasing a hanger that folds and adjusts to save space when traveling. 


Hangers that fold into tiers are great for saving space in closets and suitcases alike. You will need to remove clothing in layers from the tiers, which takes more time than using a regular hanger, but if your overall goal is to save space when traveling, consider a tiered hanger. Tiered hangers also often feature notching and ribbing to keep clothing with straps from slipping when hung. 

How much you can expect to spend on a hanger for travel

Hangers for travel can vary in price depending on their materials, features and the number of hangers that come in a pack. A less expensive model with fewer features will cost around $4-$8, while a more portable model with the best material and features will be priced around $12-$18. 

Hanger for travel FAQ

What clothes should I hang on a hanger when traveling?

A. Dresses, jackets, pants, blouses and linen and flowy fabrics need to be hung when traveling. Some items can be hung or folded based on how you want the item to look when you wear it and how much closet space you have at your destination. 

What clothes should I avoid hanging when traveling?

A. Avoid hanging clothes that are made of stretchy material; it can further stretch the fabric. Be selective about what you hang due to space. 

What’s the best hanger for travel to buy?

Top hanger for travel

JSF Portable Travel Clothing Hanger

JSF Portable Travel Clothing Hanger

What you need to know: This travel accessory can be used to hang any small clothing item and can be completely folded for portability. Users can fold the hanger in half to hang smaller garments, and unfold it all the way for larger ones. 

What you’ll love: This item comes in many different colors and is made with durable plastic. The hangars are anti-slip and lightweight as well as being safe for users of all ages. 

What you should consider: You cannot hang heavy clothing on this hanger as it does not support a lot of weight. 

Where to buy:  Sold by Amazon

Top hanger for travel for the money

Zerlite Laundry Hook Hanger Clips

Zerlite Laundry Hook Hanger Clips

What you need to know: These laundry clips are perfect for hanging any type of clothing and accessories, from bras to boots. Their compact size makes them ideal for traveling, but they can also be used daily to store items in the house. 

What you’ll love: This item will keep your space organized and features a no-slip, rotating clip design.The clips have a smooth rubber coating for added support to hold up clothing items. 

What you should consider: Users should handle this product with care, as the inner edges are extremely sharp. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Newferu Inflatable Travel Hanger 

Newferu Inflatable Travel Hanger 

What you need to know: The Newferu inflatable hanger comes in a four-piece set, and can be used to hang dry clothes while traveling.The hanger is non-slip, foldable and does not allow the front of the clothes to touch the back, speeding up the drying process. 

What you’ll love: This item fits conveniently inside your luggage and deflates to save space. It features round edges to keep the garment from creasing as well as a 360 degree rotating metal hook for moveability. 

What you should consider: These hangers have been known to deflate after a few hours of use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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