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Which clear toiletry bag is best?

Frequent flyers understand the importance of a good toiletry bag. While you can stick with the disposable plastic bag to carry your travel toiletries, a clear toiletry bag can save you money and traveling hassles over time. Disposable plastic baggies rip easily and can open when you least want them to. A clear toiletry bag saves you and your carry-on from a sticky, soggy mess.

Get through airport security in a breeze with the TSA-approved Clear Cosmetic & Travel Toiletries Organizer

What to know before you buy a clear toiletry bag


There are endless uses for a toiletry bag. Perhaps the most common is to make travel easier. A good, clear travel toiletry kit is essential for experienced and inexperienced flyers alike. It organizes hygiene products, contains potential messes and makes getting through airport security easy. However, if you need a clear toiletry bag for other reasons, such as holding your makeup collection or even organizing your paint brush sets, you may need something larger than the TSA-approved quart size bag. Know the intended use for your toiletry bag before purchasing so you get something you’ll use.


As you look for a clear toiletry bag, you’ll soon discover the number of different designs available. Consider what you need most out of a toiletry bag. Do you need multiple pockets to organize small products or a single, large compartment for big items? Do you want a roll-up bag that’s easy to transport but that spreads out when you’re ready to use it? Different closure types such as velcro, snaps or zippers may suit your needs best. Explore the various design options to find one you’ll benefit from the most. 

Airport regulations

If you’re hoping to use your clear toiletry bag for airplane travel, the bag must be TSA-approved. Getting through airport security is annoying already. You don’t want to make it harder on yourself by bringing a bag filled with toiletries that will get you flagged. Transparency is an excellent feature for toiletry bags in carry-on suitcases. It’s also helpful for it to be quart-sized and only contain liquid products that are 3.4 ounces or smaller.

What to look for in a quality clear toiletry bag

Travel convenience

If you are planning some road trips soon, you have a lot of flexibility regarding your toiletry kit. Go with something that will fit all your essentials while sliding securely into your suitcase. However, if you need to catch a plane, the clear toiletry bag must be quart-sized. Plane travelers are limited to travel-size liquids and gels and a quart-size sealable bag. 

Secure closure

The last thing you want from your clear toiletry bag is for it to spill open, dumping the contents all over your suitcase or bathroom counter. Toiletry bags help organize your products, not make messes, so check the durability of the closure before packing it full. Zippers are some of the most common and reliable closure options, but cheap designs can split. Check the zipper teeth to make sure they are smooth and not misaligned. This will mean the zipper can slide easier with fewer obstructions.


This might go without saying, but when you choose a clear plastic bag, you want to make sure it’s actually clear. Some online advertisements can be misleading or confusing, so ensure you select the correct color option at checkout. Additionally, some clear plastic toiletry bags have an iridescent gleam to them or cute patterns on the plastic that may or may not be appreciated by airport security. If you want a bag for your bathroom or road trips, go with the cutest design you can find. If you need a bag for an airplane, try sticking with clear plastic.

How much you can expect to spend on a clear toiletry bag

You can find a great clear toiletry bag for less than $15.

Clear toiletry bag FAQ

Does TSA require a clear plastic bag for toiletries?

A. Yes. Passengers are allowed one quart-size sealable plastic bag to hold their gels and liquids.

What size liquids can you bring on a plane?

A. Passengers are limited to travel-sized containers for all liquids that are 3.4 ounces or smaller.

What’s the best clear toiletry bag to buy?

Top clear toiletry bag

Clear Cosmetic & Travel Toiletries Organizer

Clear Cosmetic & Travel Toiletries Organizer

What you need to know: These bags have multiple uses, perhaps the most convenient being TSA-approved toiletry bags.

What you’ll love: Two easy-grip, quality zippers make access easy. Whether you take these bags with you on a plane or need some extra organization in your purse or gym duffle, these bags come in handy.

What you should consider: These are quart-sized bags, so while the pictures may make them appear larger, they are small in size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top clear toiletry bag for the money

TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag Quart Size Bag 3 Pack

TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag Quart-Size Bag 3-Pack

What you need to know: Get the most out of your money with this set of three clear plastic travel toiletry bags.

What you’ll love: Fully transparent with reinforced seams, this toiletry kit will keep your essentials organized, safe and closed. With easy-clean surfaces, you can wipe up spills. It’s the ideal size for carry-on luggage or organizing a makeup or travel shaving kit.

What you should consider: Many users have complained about the poor quality of these bags and said they arrived with an unpleasant chemical smell.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Iridescent Cosmetic Bag Hologram Clutch

Iridescent Cosmetic Bag Hologram Clutch

What you need to know: If you like all things sparkly and want something with a convenient box shape, this hologram clear clutch is perfect for you.

What you’ll love: With a strong zipper and a spacious pocket, its shape is great for holding sunglasses, cellphones or even fluffy makeup brushes.

What you should consider: Reviews for this bag showed multiple reports of an unreliable zipper.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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