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Which TUMI luggage is best?

Whether you’re preparing for a high-stakes business trip or a long-awaited tropical vacation, TUMI has a piece of luggage that will fit your needs and exceed expectations. Founder Charlie Clifford founded TUMI after serving in the Peace Corps in Peru, and his function-forward designs reflect his understanding of quality luggage. However, choosing the right TUMI luggage can be a challenge. If you’re in the market for a durable, versatile and sleek suitcase for any type of travel, the TUMI Alpha 3 suitcase is the best choice. 

What to know before you buy TUMI luggage 

How much structure do you need? 

While we recommend structured suitcases in general, if you don’t travel by plane frequently you may be better off with an unstructured duffel or tote bag. Structured bags offer better protection, but aren’t as flexible and can’t be stuffed into a crowded car trunk as easily. If you’re looking for maximum protection and structure, consider purchasing a hard shell TUMI suitcase.


The biggest factor to take into consideration when choosing the right size is the average length of your journeys and the mode of transport you usually take. If you prefer extended, international trips choosing something structured and large that will fit into a variety of airline standards. If you’re looking for something to throw in the trunk for long weekends, a duffel or even a small tote will do just fine. 

Portability features

While all TUMI suitcases are portable, some offer more travel technology than others. If you’re a frequent flyer, you should consider a structured suitcase with a telescoping handle and four individual spinner wheels. However, these features take up space and make your suitcase less flexible in terms of packing. If you don’t need wheels or protection, opt for a slimmer suitcase that prioritizes weight saving. 

What to look for in a quality TUMI luggage

Integrated technology

TUMI has been at the forefront of travel technology innovation for decades, and you can expect to find evidence of this experience in all of their luggage. However, higher-end ​​TUMI luggage, especially those designed for business travelers, includes built-in charging capabilities and TUMI Tracer, which can locate your bag anywhere in the world at any time. 

Organization features

In addition to pioneering travel gadgets, TUMI has spent years mastering the craft of organization. Keep your eye out for handy features like integrated garment bags, removable laptop folders and zippered interior pockets. 

Durable materials and features

While you can count on all TUMI luggage to be made from durable materials like aluminum and ballistic nylon, certain pieces feature Tegris, a TUMI exclusive composite material that’s lightweight and highly impact resistant. Other suitcases may be made from recycled materials or include the patented Omega Closure System that extends the lifetime of the zippers. Be on the lookout for these features when shopping for your TUMI luggage. 

How much you can expect to spend on TUMI luggage

TUMI products have a wide price range; entry-level suitcases and bags start at $100 while their top-tier siblings often cost upward of $1,000. 

TUMI luggage FAQ

How can I clean my TUMI luggage? 

A. While not all TUMI bags are made from the same materials, the majority are made with nylon and leather accents. To clean TUMI nylon, using a simple fabric refresher will do the trick. To maintain any leather accents on your TUMI luggage, use leather cleaner. 

What are the standard carry-on dimensions? 

A. Although there is slight variation among the different airlines, the standard carry-on dimensions for domestic flights are 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches. For international flights, the dimensions are usually the same but the weight restrictions may be tighter. 

What’s the best TUMI luggage to buy?

Top TUMI luggage 

TUMI Alpha 3 expandable suitcase

TUMI Alpha 3 expandable suitcase

What you need to know: The Alpha 3 from TUMI is overflowing with premium features and useful luxuries, which makes it a favorite among business and leisure travelers alike. 

What you’ll love: Whether you’re getting away for a long weekend or taking a well-deserved multiweek international vacation, you can rely on the Alpha 3 to keep your personal items safe and organized. This suitcase is made from aircraft-grade aluminum wrapped in durable FXT ballistic nylon. It’s perfectly sized to fit into international carry-on standards although it can be expanded if you need some more space. To top it all off, the TUMI Alpha 3 comes with built-in charging capabilities, an onboard organization system and TUMI tracer. 

What you should consider: As a top-of-the-line model, this TUMI suitcase is quite expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

Top TUMI luggage for the money

TUMI Merge expandable suitcase

TUMI Merge expandable suitcase

What you need to know: Made from entirely recycled materials, this suitcase is perfect for the ecologically-minded traveler with an appreciation for sophisticated style and function. 

What you’ll love: This TUMI suitcase is made from post-consumer bottles and postindustrial nylon, making it one of the few environmentally friendly options available. Featuring two u-zip pockets for easy access and expansion capabilities, this suitcase is as easy to use as it is functional. 

What you should consider: The soft-sided construction doesn’t offer the best protection. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s 

Worth checking out

TUMI Alpha 3 Deluxe 4 travel briefcase

TUMI Alpha 3 Deluxe 4 travel briefcase

What you need to know: Optimized for the business traveler or the ultra-organized weekender, this travel briefcase holds everything you need for a productive journey. 

What you’ll love: Equipped with four spinner wheels, on-the-go charging capabilities, removable laptop compartment and luxurious leather handles, this premium suitcase offers a suite of useful features. Don’t let the name fool you — this briefcase holds far more than your business essentials. The Alpha 3 Deluxe 4 can expand a full 2 inches, giving you extra room to bring clothes, shoes and toiletries. 

What you should consider: The onboard power bank must be purchased separately. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s


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