Eagle Creek luggage vs. American Tourister luggage


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Comparing Eagle Creek luggage to American Tourister luggage

When traveling long distances, you shouldn’t trust your precious belongings to just any luggage brand. Ahead of your next adventure, consider Eagle Creek or American Tourister luggage to get your belongings safely and conveniently from point A to point B. Both brands feature exceptional space and organization as well as the best security and a trusted warranty. 

Differences between Eagle Creek luggage and American Tourister luggage

Though both brands offer high-quality luggage, they differ in price, design and features. Eagle Creek products feature a sleek, efficient and organized design from the inside out, while the exterior look of American Tourister luggage is great for casual travel but not for those who prefer a more upscale appearance. American Tourister products can be purchased at reasonable prices, while prices for Eagle Creek luggage are a little higher. While Eagle Creek features a lifetime warranty, American Tourister offers more luggage equipped with four wheels, which some users might find provides a sense of added stability and maneuverability. 

Eagle Creek luggage: Is it worth it? 

Eagle Creek luggage is pricier than American Tourister luggage, but the features that Eagle Creek’s products provide are worth it. Eagle Creek luggage ranges from $150-$350. But what the company’s products lack in affordability, they make up for in design and warranty. 

Eagle Creek luggage pros

This brand provides users with a lifetime warranty on their products regardless of the issue with the luggage. 

Eagle Creek luggage is designed with the best organizational and security features. Most luggage sets feature a bag that separates dirty and clean clothes. A few luggage sets feature treaded wheels, which is not common among luggage, to easily roll over rougher terrain.

Eagle Creek luggage cons

A few items in the Eagle Creek luggage sets are extra bulky, making them more difficult to maneuver. These items are designed very well and use quality materials, and that’s reflected in the price tag. If you are a budget-minded traveler, consider the high price tag that comes along with purchasing an Eagle Creek luggage set. 

Most Eagle Creek luggage products feature two wheels instead of four, causing them to tip when the user is not holding them upright and causing difficulty when maneuvering through airports. 

Best Eagle Creek luggage

Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Carry Luggage

The best Eagle Creek luggage product on the market is the Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Carry Luggage. This suitcase features keeper holders to secure items and make gear readily available as well as a porter key bottle opener to enjoy a cold drink while traveling. The luggage is made with sustainable fabric such as recycled polyester ripstop and features lamination as reinforcement in high wear areas. 

Eagle Creek Expansive Convertible International Carry-on

The Eagle Creek Expansive Convertible International Carry-on is the best Eagle Creek luggage product for the money. It features a spacious interior with compression straps and mesh paneling for organization and separation of items. It features an external lash point to attach additional gear to the outside and is made with dual oversized wheels with bumper protection. It features straps for maximum comfort and portability options. 

 Eagle Creek Expanse AWD Carry-on

The Eagle Creek Expanse AWD Carry-on features an expansion zipper for added storage & self-repairing lockable zippers. It is made with Bi-tech Armour Lite technology, making the item abrasion resistant in high wear areas. It conforms to most airlines’ carry-on standards and contains a central lock point with secure zip toggles to protect valuables from getting stolen.

American Tourister luggage: Is it worth it? 

American Tourister is a popular luggage brand owned by Samsonite. Its products range from $90-$250. What American Tourister’s luggage might lack in exterior design and quality, the company makes up for with its warranty and affordability. 

American Tourister luggage pros

American Tourister luggage is extremely affordable for the amount of features that it provides. It is a trustworthy, economic option and remains a popular, trusted brand. American Tourister offers warranties from five to 10 years.

American Tourister luggage cons

While American Tourister luggage provides the best features for maneuverability, security and organization, the quality of material can be lacking. A few products are not waterproof, and the material is not sturdy. 

American Tourister products feature maximum safety maneuverability and storage but lack a sophisticated look. Though the price is right, most products lack a professional-looking exterior. If you are a casual traveler this will not be an issue, but it’s something to consider for those who prefer luggage that looks top of the line.

Best American Tourister luggage

American Tourister Aero Racer Spinner

The best American Tourister luggage is the American Tourister Aero Racer Spinner. This product is made with waterproof ABS and contains a bottom compartment with cross straps and mesh separators, perfect for organization and separation of items while packing. It features double wheels that match the color of the body and a combination lock for safety.


American Tourister Arrow Expanded Hardside Luggage

The best American Tourister product for the money is the American Tourister Arrow Expanded Hardside Luggage due to its multidirectional, oversized spinner wheels and its expansion features. This suitcase features a push-button locking handle for added maneuverability and is extremely lightweight. It features mesh dividers for organization and securely zipped inner pockets.


Soundbox Suitcase Spinner

The Soundbox Suitcase Spinner features a fixed-digit TSA lock and is water-resistant. It is made with double wheels for smooth rolling and features handles, wheels, bottom glides and side pockets.

Should I get Eagle Creek luggage or American Tourister luggage?

The decision to purchase Eagle Creek luggage or American Tourister luggage is a toss-up. The choice depends on the user’s needs and where they plan to travel. If you prefer a luggage set that features a sleek design, lifetime warranty and the most effective use of organization, Eagle Creek luggage would be the best option. On the other hand, if you are searching for a luggage set that offers top-of-the-line security features and is reasonably priced, choose American Tourister.


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