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A compact, smart luggage tag helps you keep track of your bag easily for added peace of mind while you travel.

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Which luggage tag is best?

Luggage tags can mean the difference between a suitcase that’s lost permanently, and one that’s quickly found. Now, with the advent of smart luggage tags, there is a whole new range of options to consider when putting your information on your suitcase before you travel. Find the right mix of “sturdy” and “easily spotted” with this range of recommendations. If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet long-lasting luggage tag, the ProudGuy TuffTaag is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a luggage tag

A luggage tag’s number one job is to be seen, both by you when you’re looking to differentiate your bag from others on the airport carousel, and by airport workers when they have to find your lost luggage. But to be visible, it’s got to stay on. That’s why it’s important to balance looks and sturdiness.

With the emergence of “smart” luggage tags, you can also try to cut down on the incidence of misplaced luggage by putting a tracker on your bag. There are various things to consider with smart luggage tags, including whether your preferred airlines allow them to be placed on the luggage. 

Smart or not?

If your airline allows for smart luggage tags, you’ll want to consider adding one to each of your bags. Bluetooth-enabled smart luggage tags, such as the Tile Mate, allow you to track your bags while you’re within Bluetooth range. When you’re out of range, the Tile Mate notifies you of your bag’s most recent location. If you’re looking for a broader range, a GPS-enabled luggage tag, like the Cube GPS tracker, will allow you to find your bag anywhere in the country. You’ll have to pay a monthly fee to access the service.

Choosing the right material

It’s tempting to purchase a luggage tag that’s attractive and matches your bag’s color. And while aesthetics are important, perhaps more important is the durability of the luggage tag you choose. It pays to spend a little more and get a luggage tag that won’t easily come off if it gets snagged. Luggage tags can be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important to opt for strength. The ProudGuy TuffTaag has the added benefit of coming in a range of colors, one of which is sure to match your style.

Eye-catching but discreet

When choosing a luggage tag and what you put on it, be sure to not include information that’s too personal. If you’re traveling abroad, avoid tags with country flags to not inadvertently make yourself a potential target. Include enough information like your email and cell phone number, so that someone can reach out to you about your bag, but avoid potentially sensitive information such as your address. If you must include an address on it, consider listing a business address instead.

What to look for in a quality luggage tag

The luggage tag can be as basic as a business card slipped into a plastic case, or as fancy as a GPS-enabled gadget. For an item that we sometimes get as a freebie, you may be tempted not to spend too much time choosing one. But luggage tags are the types of items that don’t matter very much until the moment your bag is lost… and then they matter a whole lot. It pays to take a bit of time to choose one that is durable and will do the job well. 

Leather or faux leather

With durability and sturdiness being key to surviving long trips, rough handling by baggage carriers and the wear and tear of airport carousels, it’s no wonder leather luggage tags are some of the most popular ones on the market. 

Reflective surface

Another thing that makes a luggage tag easy to spot can be a reflective surface, which is excellent when you want to identify your bag in lower-light conditions or after a long trip.


In addition to identifying your bag with a written tag, a smart luggage tag can aid you in locating your bag when the carousel is crowded or in the unfortunate event your bag is misplaced.

How much you can expect to spend on luggage tags 

Luggage tags can range from $1 a tag to upwards of $30 per smart tag.

Luggage tag FAQ

If I buy a smart luggage tag, do I still need one with my name and phone number on it?

A. Yes. A smart tag helps you locate your bag in case it’s lost, usually through the use of an app. But ready access to your phone number and email address on a conventional luggage tag makes it easier for baggage claim to contact you.

Do I need tags on every bag I’m traveling with?

A. Yes! Bags get separated and misplaced for any number of reasons, and it’s helpful to have a tag on every piece of luggage you’re taking on your trip.

What’s the best luggage tag to buy?

Top luggage tag

ProudGuy TuffTaag

ProudGuy TuffTaag

What you need to know: Available in a full range of colors, this sturdy metal tag takes anything your trip throws at your luggage.

What you’ll love: Sturdy and nearly indestructible, this tag will be your go-to for years. It comes in a color sure to match your style, and is just the right size to slip a business card into.

What you should consider: The one weak spot on the tag is the plastic casing that covers the business card or paper with your information. It’s not weak, but it’s not metal.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top luggage tag for the money

TravelMore Silicone Flexible Luggage Tag - 14-pack

TravelMore Silicone Flexible Luggage Tag – 14-pack

What you need to know: If you’re looking to outfit a big group of bags with sturdy, easy-to-spot luggage tags, you can’t go wrong with this bright-colored pack of 14 tags.

What you’ll love: At just over a dollar each, you can’t beat the price.

What you should consider: While these are sturdy, they don’t have the toughness of other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Cube Luggage Tracker

Cube Luggage Tracker 

What you need to know: For added peace of mind, a Bluetooth-enabled luggage tag helps you track a lost bag right from your phone. 

What you’ll love: Easy to use app lets you see your bag’s location in real-time. You’ll never lose a bag again with a Cube smart luggage tag attached to it. 

What you should consider: Not all airlines allow these types of tags. And if a bag is somewhere you can’t go get it (like lost inside the baggage handling area), knowing its location isn’t the same as getting it back!

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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