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If you’re looking to make the most out of your packing, consider buying a few extras to make your life easier. A hand scale can help you weigh luggage before you check it in and compression cubes can help keep your clothes organized.

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Which luggage brand is best?

As the world opens back up, travel will become a priority for countless individuals. One important aspect of travel is your choice of luggage bags, as they will keep your items safe and organized on your trips. Choosing the best luggage brand means weighing different qualities, such as luggage weight, strength, durability, storage space and other convenience features. 

If you’re looking for the best luggage brand, consider getting something from Briggs & Riley, particularly the Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside CX Expandable Carry-On Upright Luggage. This company offers impeccable build quality, construction design and a lifetime warranty. 

What to know before you buy a luggage bag

Carry-on vs. checked luggage

Luggage comes in two main sizes: carry-on and checked. Carry-on is exactly what it sounds like: it’s something you carry with you into the seated area of the plane. This luggage should be compact and lightweight enough to fit in the overhead storage compartment of the plane. Checked suitcases are much bigger, can carry more items and must be checked in before boarding an airplane. Some luggage brands will offer a 2 or 3-piece set with both carry-on and checked luggage.

Travel safety regulations

Regardless of where you are from, you will inevitably have to go through security clearance at the airport. Each country and airline has its own set of regulations for luggage specifications and features. For checked luggage, the total dimensions (length + width + height) must not exceed 62 inches. For a carry-on bag, it must not exceed ​​9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches. If your luggage has a lock on it, it must adhere to TSA standards. 

Fabric vs. hard shell

Each brand’s luggage differs in the type of material they use, but typically it falls under two categories: fabric or hard shell. Fabric luggage is much lighter, making it easier to transport. On the other hand, hard shell luggage is a lot more durable and waterproof, but it would be slightly bulkier and heavier. It all comes down to a matter of preference. 

What to look for in a quality luggage brand

Space and storage

Your chosen carry-on or checked luggage should have plenty of space for your clothes and items that you plan on bringing. You may require additional pockets, zips or belts to keep everything in place as well. Remember that hardshell luggage will offer you more space, but fabric luggage will offer more flexibility. 


Your luggage will be tossed and handled by airport staff hundreds of times. It’s imperative that your luggage is able to withstand significant wear and tear to protect your items in the long run. After all, you will want to get luggage that you can use for years of traveling. 


Even with the highest-quality luggage, you simply never know when an airline may accidentally damage your bags. If this ever happens to you, remember to first file a claim with the carrier before leaving the airport. If you do leave, you can usually contact the luggage manufacturer for a complete replacement. Keep in mind that warranties vary between manufacturers and usually do not cover cosmetic wear, lost luggage or damaged items.


Even though your luggage will be stored on the plane, you still need to load, unload, carry and drag it to where you need to go. For this reason, remember to inspect the luggage handles, wheels and weight of the bag. There is usually a tradeoff between portability and durability, so weigh your options carefully. 


No matter where you go, your luggage is supposed to keep your personal belongings safe. But at the same time, you will also need to allow airport security officials easy access in case they need to inspect it. Consider looking into bags with special TSA-approved locks, whether it’s key-based or combination-based. 

How much you can expect to spend on the best luggage brand

The most affordable luggage will start at around $100 and is usually for smaller-sized carry-on luggage. The most expensive luggage will set you back up to $1000 or more, and includes premium checked luggage or sets. 

Luggage brand FAQ

Can I still redeem the warranty if I buy from Amazon?

A. Yes. For most luggage you buy on Amazon, you can still get the warranty offered by the manufacturer. It will typically come in the form of a card included in the package. Sometimes you may have to register your product, so check the product page of the luggage you purchase for more details.

Is this luggage approved for domestic or international travel?

A. All the luggage we feature can be used for domestic travel without any issues. For international travel, please consult the airport or airline of your destination country for more information. 

What’s the best luggage brand to buy?

Top luggage brand

Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside CX Expandable Wide-Body Upright Luggage, Black, Carry-On 21-Inch

Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside CX Expandable Wide-Body Upright Luggage, Black, Carry-On 21-Inch 

What you need to know: Briggs & Riley has one of the strongest reputations when it comes to luggage manufacturers. This 21-inch carry-on is all you need for your travels.

What you’ll love: Ballistic nylon outer fabric ensures your luggage will last many years to come, but just in case, Briggs & Riley offers a lifetime warranty.

What you should consider: This luggage only has two wheels, making it less mobile than other luggage on the market. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top luggage brand for the money

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage, Black, Carry-On 19-Inch 

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage, Black, Carry-On 19-Inch 

What you need to know: Travelpro’s Maxlite 5 line of luggage maintains the perfect balance between quality and budget. 

What you’ll love: With four spinners and a weight of only 5.3 pounds, this luggage is light for carrying and light on your wallet. 

What you should consider: If you’re the type of person to put a backpack or bag on top of luggage, look elsewhere as this one continually tips over due to its profile.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Brushed Charcoal, Checked-Medium 25 Inch 

DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Brushed Charcoal, Checked-Medium 25 Inch 

What you need to know: If you’re looking for hardshell luggage, DELSEY Paris makes some high-quality pieces like the Aero Hardside. 

What you’ll love: The Aero is made with 100% polycarbonate with a metallic finish, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything puncturing or cracking your luggage.

What you should consider: This luggage is known to scratch pretty easily and there is a construction flaw that leads to the zipper sometimes breaking off.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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