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If you frequently take trips of varying length or are shopping for a family, look for a high-end set that comes with multiple pieces of luggage for short and long trips or your travel mates.

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Which high-end luggage is best?

Although travel is rewarding and exhilarating, the journey is often stressful and exhausting. It doesn’t have to be this way. High-end luggage can reinvigorate your interest in travel by making the journey just as glamorous and enjoyable as the destination itself.

High-end luggage manufacturers are some of the oldest brands in the world and their experience in development and design is never more evident than in their flagship suitcases. More than mere logos, high-end suitcases are packed with ultra-premium features, such as built-in tracking and charging and offer enhanced protection for your items.

If you’re in the market for a luxurious, professional suitcase for business trips and weekend adventures, look no further than the Montblanc Schwarz.

What to know before you buy high-end luggage

Hard-shell vs. soft-shell  

High-end hard-shell suitcases are usually made of polycarbonate or aluminum and offer excellent protection in addition to striking looks. However, hard-shell luggage is often heavier and more likely to dent and scratch. Soft-shell pieces, on the other hand, compromise on protection for weight saving and maneuverability.

Mode of transportation 

How you travel helps determine which bag is right for you. If you’re flying, consider whether you want something as a carry-on or to check in. While trains and cruise ships also have luggage restrictions, most large check-in bags are within the guidelines. If you’re committed to driving, size is really a personal choice.

Business vs. pleasure 

Business and pleasure trips call for different suitcases. If you’re traveling on business, consider a suitcase with smooth wheels, a sleek, professional look and a built-in garment bag. If you’re traveling for pleasure, you may choose a luggage set for the family or something expandable so you can bring home all your souvenirs. 

What to look for in quality high-end luggage 


A high-end suitcase, by definition, should be made from high-quality materials. While there are cheap hard-shell suitcases on the market, they tend to be made from ABS plastic. High-end hard-shell cases are constructed from high-grade polycarbonate or aluminum. If you’re looking for a soft-shell suitcase or duffle, premium materials include leather and durable ballistic nylon. 


High-end suitcases are meant to be an experience. Quality options feature premium details, such as leather-wrapped handles, ball-bearing wheels, coil zippers and sturdy TSA-approved locks. 


Many premium suitcases come with complimentary add-ons like personalized luggage tags, garment bags and toiletry kits. These are designed to fit precisely into your suitcase for easy packing and transportation. If your suitcase doesn’t offer these right off the bat, look for one that is compatible with accessories for future upgrades. 

How much you can expect to spend on high-end luggage 

As the name suggests, high-end luggage doesn’t come cheap. Keeping in mind that the lower end of luxury luggage is still super premium, expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $1,000 for a single suitcase. 

High-end luggage FAQ

How do I maintain my new high-end luggage?

Leather Honey

A. Maintenance responsibilities vary from material to material, so make sure that whatever product you use is safe for your suitcase. Most high-end suitcases have leather accents or leather on the handles, and we recommend using Leather Honey to condition your luggage before use and TriNova leather Cleaner for routine maintenance. For fabric or polycarbonate suitcases, standard upholstery and multi-surface cleaners are usually appropriate. 

Can I check my high-end luggage safely?

A. Airplane cargo is notoriously aggressively handled, and whether you check your new high-end luggage is a matter of tolerance for scratches and nicks. If you appreciate the well-traveled look, then check your bag. However, if you want to keep your luggage looking pristine and luxurious, we recommend keeping it on your person throughout travel, if the size is appropriate for that.

What’s the best high-end luggage to buy?

Top high-end luggage 

Montblanc Schwarz Suitcase

Montblanc Schwarz Suitcase

What you need to know: Made from ultra-premium materials by one of the foremost luggage brands in the world, the Montblanc Schwarz is a high-performance suitcase that stands for everything luxury that luggage should. 

What you’ll love: Details are the hallmark of this suitcase. From the subtle branding and genuine leather handles to the individually hand-placed Montblanc emblem and personalized luggage tag, owning this suitcase is an immersive experience. It’s also equipped with nearly silent ball-bearing wheels, aluminum reinforced trim and TSA locks to keep your transit worry-free.

What you should consider: Due due its majority polycarbonate construction, this suitcase may scratch easily. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top high-end luggage for the money

Hartmann Metropolitan 2 Underseat Suitcase

Hartmann Metropolitan 2 Underseat Suitcase

What you need to know: A perfect combination of practicality and luxury, the Metropolitan 2 is packed with premium technology and backed by a prestigious brand with pedigree.

What you’ll love: Established in 1877, Hartmann has been at the cutting end of the luggage industry for over 100 years. The Metropolitan 2 is lightweight and easy to maneuver because of its dual-wheel system and 12-position telescoping handle. Although it’s designed to fit under an airplane seat, it can fit up to four days of clothing and charge your phone at the same time, thanks to its onboard USB port. Hartmann also backs the Metropolitan 2 with a 10-year warranty. 

What you should consider: The Metropolitan 2 is made from nylon, which may rip or fray. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Worth checking out

TUMI Merge Extended Trip Suitcase

TUMI Merge Extended Trip Suitcase

What you need to know: Perfect for those who want to travel internationally with status, this suitcase expands to hold all the things you bought during your trip.

What you’ll love: Ideal for extended trips and business travel, this suitcase has more pockets and compartments than you can count. The TUMI Merge is also constructed from entirely post-consumer recycled bottles and nylon, so it doesn’t place undue stress on the environment. Finally, as with all premium TUMI products, the Merge is equipped with the company’s Tracer technology that lets you track your bag anywhere in the world. 

What you should consider: As an entirely soft-sided suitcase, it offers less protection than hard-shell options. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

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