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Kirby initially was known as Popopo during development but the name was changed to Kirby before release in honor of lawyer John Kirby, who defended Nintendo in a lawsuit.

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Which Kirby toys are best?

Kirby is one of Nintendo’s most popular video game characters and has appeared in more than 34 Nintendo titles to date. When Kirby absorbs an enemy, his appearance also changes. Some of the most famous Kirby transformations include Yo-Yo Kirby, Archer Kirby and UFO Kirby. 

Whether you love Kirby for his video games, the animated series or just because he is cute, a new Kirby toy will make an excellent addition to your collection. For example, the unique Kirby Otamatone from Japan is a great portable synthesizer shaped like everyone’s favorite Dreamland hero.

What to know before you buy a Kirby toy

Types of toys

Due to Kirby’s immense popularity, there is an enormous selection of Kirby merchandise from which to choose. Kirby plush toys are trendy, and the little pink guy’s aesthetic lends itself well to plush designs. Kirby is a Nintendo character, so there are several Kirby Amiibos. However, the most popular Kirby toys are collectible vinyl and plastic figures.

Age range

Most Kirby toys are designed for all ages, especially soft plush toys. Still, as with any toy series, some have small pieces that may pose a choking hazard. Toys such as the stackable Nosechara figure assortment may not be suitable for younger kids. If you’re buying a Kirby toy for a young child, avoid toys that have numerous small-scale pieces.

What to look for in a quality Kirby toy


A number of different manufacturers have produced Kirby toys but not all of them are the same quality. When shopping for a Kirby toy, consider the toy’s overall build quality before buying.

Unique design

Whether you plan to play with your Kirby toy or simply display it, you’ll want one with a fun design. Toys such as the popular Nosechara stackers give you the freedom to customize the figure’s appearance, making them a perfect choice if you like to switch things up from time to time.

Additional features

Getting a regular vinyl toy can be fun, but having one with sound effects, poses or other unique features can make them even more exciting. Toys such as the Kirby Nendoroid action figure give you the option to switch Kirby’s expression and add other features to your toy, such as a sword or fire-themed costume.

How much you can expect to spend on a Kirby toy

Kirby toys can range from $20-$40 on the low end of the spectrum. If you want a highly durable collectible made from premium materials, you could end up spending $120 or more.

Kirby toy FAQ

Is Kirby from Super Smash Bros?

A. Kirby has been a popular character in the Super Smash Bros series since it was first released for the Nintendo 64, but it isn’t where he got his start. The first Kirby game was Kirby’s Dream Land, a black-and-white game released on the Game Boy in 1992.

Are all Kirby toys from Japan?

A. The Kirby character was created in Japan and a lot of the most popular toys do come from Japan, but not all of them.

What’s the best Kirby toy to buy?

Top Kirby toy

Otamatone Kirby Portable Synthesizer

Otamatone Kirby Portable Synthesizer

What you need to know: This unique Kirby toy is a fully functioning synthesizer with which you can create music with various Kirby-themed sounds.

What you’ll love: This toy’s sounds include single notes, portamento slides, “wah” effects and vibrato. The Otamatone is relatively inexpensive and versatile. The toy stands 15 inches tall, making it feel more like a real instrument.

What you should consider: Some parents find the toy’s sounds to be annoying.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top Kirby toy for the money

Ensky Kirby Nosechara Stacking Figure Assortment

Ensky Kirby Nosechara Stacking Figure Assortment

What you need to know: This customizable set of mini figurines is based on the Kirby Mass Attack game.

What you’ll love: The Ensky Kirby Nosechara stacking figure assortment comes with 10 different Kirby figurines and a Warp Star. The included Kirby figurines have expressive faces and you can stack them in whatever formation you’d like. The toy’s construction is top-notch.

What you should consider: Some stacking configurations are sturdier than others.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Good Smile Kirby's Dream Land: Kirby Nendoroid Action Figure

Good Smile Kirby’s Dream Land: Kirby Nendoroid Action Figure

What you need to know: This toy is a must-have for lifelong Kirby fans because it features several of his most famous costumes and accessories.

What you’ll love: The Nendoroid action figure includes four swappable faces, a sword costume, a fire costume and a star wand. This toy is made from premium materials and is quite durable. The components are magnetic, making it easy to create new poses and configurations.

What you should consider: This is one of the more expensive Kirby toys out there.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

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