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Are Hatchimals Colleggtibles or Hatchimals Pixies best? 

The original Hatchimals were fluffy creatures that hatched from an egg. Since then, so many more Hatchimals toys have been released that it’s tough to keep up. If you’re trying to decide between Hatchimals Colleggtibles and Hatchimals Pixies, learning more about each will help you reach your decision. 

Hatchimals Colleggtibles are small creatures that come in individual eggs. Hatchimals Pixies are humanoid fantasy creatures that come in a range of forms, including figurines, flyers and riders with a winged horse.

Hatchimals Colleggtibles

From Beanie Babies to Pokemon Cards, kids have a long history of loving to collect things. These toys are yet another toy that has become part of the collecting craze. The popular Hatchimals Colleggtibles are tiny figurines that generally come in individual eggs. Kids won’t know exactly which figures they’re going to get until they hatch the eggs, so they’re big hits with kids who love blind bags and unboxing videos. Of course, this means that you can end up with duplicates. However, it also gives kids the opportunity to trade if they have friends who also collect them. 

While Hatchimals Colleggtibles are cute and great fun to collect, they don’t do anything. This makes it so that there’s limited scope for play. They can cost anywhere from around $5-$10 for one or two figures to $50 for large play sets. 

Hatchimals Colleggtibles pros

  • Hatchimals Colleggtibles feature a range of adorable creatures. Some are real but most are imagined. Therefore, they are popular with many animal lovers.
  • You can buy either packs that just contain figures in eggs or play sets with some figures and an accompanying structure.
  • There are various ranges of Hatchimals Colleggtibles, including Wilder Wings, Shimmer Babies, Mermals and Cosmic Candy, so there’s something to interest most kids. 
  • Hatchimals Colleggtibles come with a checklist showing all the figures available in a particular range, which lets kids see which ones are left to collect. 
  • You can go online to the Hatchimals website or app to discover more about the personality of each Colleggtible. 

Hatchimals Colleggtibles cons

  • Larger sets of Hatchimals Colleggtibles often contain some figures without eggs. This can be disappointing for kids who get a kick out of hatching these critters from their eggs. 
  • The potential for duplicates can be frustrating. It’s a gamble as to whether you’ll get figures you already have, especially if kids want to complete their collection.

Best Hatchimals Colleggtibles

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Wilder Wings

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Wilder Wings

A pack of 12 Colleggtibles in the Wilder Wings range that come with large detachable wings. Each pack contains eight figures in eggs and four without eggs. It includes two of eight exclusive characters that are only available in these dozen cartons. 


Hatchimals Colleggtibles Mermal Magic Underwater Aquarium

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Mermal Magic Underwater Aquarium 

This adorable playset includes eight Mermal mermaid style characters and an aquarium setup to play with. Four figures come in eggs and four come without eggs. 


Hatchimals Colleggtibles Cosmic Candy

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Cosmic Candy

In this set, you get a dozen Colleggtibles from the Cosmic Candy range, which is inspired by candy and sweet treats. You get 10 eggs to hatch and two characters out of each egg. 

Hatchimals Pixies

While most Hatchimals take on an animal form, Hatchimals Pixies are humanlike mythical creatures. They’re ideal for kids who like dolls. Some come in hatchable eggs while others don’t, so if the hatching aspect is important to the person you’re buying for, you might want to opt for Colleggtibles. 

With a range of Hatchimals Pixies toys available, some do more than others, so they’re suited to a range of play styles. Expect to pay between $10-$40 for Hatchimals Pixies toys, depending on the type of toy and what it comes with. 

Hatchimals Pixies pros

  • You can choose from a range of Hatchimals Pixies varieties, including Crystal Flyers, (which really fly) and Riders (which come with a winged steed). This means there’s more scope for play compared to Hatchimals Colleggtibles — which are cute but don’t do much.
  • Hatchimals Pixies come with a variety of skin tones, which is important for representation. 
  • The Wild Wings range of Hatchimals Pixies have even more impressive wings than standard Pixies. They come with accessories that can be used to jazz up their wings even more. 
  • Like Hatchimals Colleggtibles, they come with a checklist of available figures, which is perfect for kids who like the collectible element of Hatchimals. 

Hatchimals Pixies cons

  • Some Hatchimals Pixies don’t come in eggs, which is disappointing for kids who find the hatching an important part of the Hatchimals experience. 
  • You get fewer individual Pixies for your money compared to Colleggtibles — though Pixies are larger. 

Best Hatchimals Pixies

Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers

Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers

These Hatchimals Pixies toys are like Pixie shaped drones and can really fly around the house. Just be careful not to use them outdoors or they may fly away. 


Hatchimals Pixies Royals

Hatchimals Pixies Royals

This pack contains two 2.5-inch Pixies Royals figures. Each comes in an egg and includes a range of accessories, including a rotating platform for them to “dance” on. 


Hatchimals Pixies Riders Wilder Wings

Hatchimals Pixies Riders Wilder Wings

A perfect choice for fans of horses — or unicorns — these Hatchimals Pixies come with a flying unicorn. With 16 included wing accessories, kids can add bling to the wings of both the pixie and the unicorn. 

Should you get Hatchimals Colleggtibles or Hatchimals Pixies?

There’s no clear winner when you compare Hatchimals Colleggtibles and Hatchimals Pixies. It’s really down to the preferences of the person you’re buying for. If they prefer human dolls over animal figurines, then Pixies might be the best choice. Colleggtibles are ideal for animal lovers. Hatchimals Colleggtibles are perfect for children who like to collect small figurines that don’t have any additional features. Hatchimals Pixies, on the other hand, tend to offer more ways to play with them besides using them as dolls.

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