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Toy aliens became popular after the “Star Wars” movie launched in 1977. Nowadays, toy aliens are popular among children, teenagers and adult collectors alike.

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Which toy aliens are best?

In 1977, the science-fiction blockbuster “Star Wars” started the movie merchandise craze, and since then, other sci-fi movies have continued this trend. Nowadays, there are so many alien toys and action figures around that it can be hard to keep up. Alien toys for kids include the “Toy Story” alien and or older children can also collect “xenomorph” toys from the “Alien” movie franchise. 

The best toy alien available now is the Star Wars: The Child Plush Toy, also known as Baby Yoda from the Disney+ TV series, “The Mandalorian.”

What to know before you buy a toy alien

Some toys are educational toys, and other toys are for playing with or even collecting. Children and adult collectors alike will be more interested in alien toys from popular franchises, such as Star Wars or Marvel movies. The green alien from “Toy Story” is popular among young children because it is so recognizable, and xenomorph action figures are well-known among collectors thanks to the popularity of the “Alien” movie franchise.

Is the toy alien a pop icon?

Consider if your child would be more responsive to receiving a well-known toy from popular culture or a generic alien toy. Babies and toddlers will not be too familiar with popular culture, sp a soft sponge generic extraterrestrial or UFO toy would be fine. Older children, however, might love a recognizable and popular alien toy.

Is the toy alien suitable?

Some alien toys, such as xenomorph and predator toys from the Alien vs. Predator series, can be frightening. Although some of these toys are suitable for ages 3 and up, close consideration should be paid to their scare factor.

What kind of toy alien would your child prefer?

There are many types of alien toys, from Nerf guns to Star Wars Lego building kits. Does your child want to play with the toy and hug it when going to sleep, or is your child older and would prefer to collect and display alien action figures? Before buying, consider the purpose of the toy.

What to look for in a quality toy alien


Consider the longevity of a toy that is bought for playing with. Toys that have great gadgets and add-ons will be much more interesting than standalone toys. Consider toys that come from a series of collectibles to enlarge the universe that the child plays in.

Detail and features

When considering a toy alien from popular culture, ponder the detail and how similar to the character it really is. Children may be disappointed with toys that are supposed to look like their favorite characters but do not. Painting and sculpting techniques have advanced considerably in recent years, so even the most budget-friendly toy alien should have good detail and features.


Always check the age-range recommendation and use your best judgment when buying toys for children, especially young children and infants. Small parts are choking hazards, and toys with these are not recommended for children under age 3. However, children over that age can still have a propensity for putting things in their mouths.

How much you can expect to spend on a toy alien

Toy aliens are available from a few dollars for a keychain to a few hundred dollars for collectible action figures. Quality stuffed toys and dolls are available from around $15-$60.

Toy alien FAQ

What are the most trusted brands for toy aliens?

A. Fisher-Price, Hasbro and Mattel remain among the most trusted and established brands, alongside more specialized brands such as Lego. Recently, Funko Inc. and Neca have emerged as sellers of pop culture collectibles and action figures. 

How can I increase the value of a toy alien?

A. Collectible toys may increase in value over time when they become rarer after manufacturing ceases. Some items will be more valuable than others due to condition and availability. Some collectors will not even remove a toy from its box to ensure maximum value. Storage conditions are also essential, and any toy you want to accrue value should not be stored in cold conditions or direct sunlight for long periods.

What’s the best toy alien to buy?

Top toy alien

Star Wars: The Child Plush Toy

Star Wars: The Child Plush Toy

What you need to know: Also known as Grogu or Baby Yoda, this character from the Disney+ series is one of the most recognizable characters in the Star Wars franchise.

What you’ll love: This toy is suitable for a child, due to its plush soft fabric and cute appearance, or a collector due to its sturdy base and quality detail. Imaginative children will love to assume the role of Grogu’s guardian from the TV show.

What you should consider: Although the robe covers where they are supposed to be, some buyers have complained that the toy does not actually have feet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toy alien for the money

Funko Pop! Disney: Toy Story 4 Alien

Funko POP! Disney: Toy Story 4 Alien

What you need to know: From the animated movies, this instantly recognizable alien is super cute and suitable for ages 3 and up.

What you’ll love: Start a Funko POP! collection with this inexpensive toy. There is a range of “Toy Story” figures to collect in this series. Some are different from the movie versions and can be bought for young fans to play with or for display only.

What you should consider: Collectors should beware of some reports of damaged boxes when buying online.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Neca: Aliens: Series 13 Scorpion Action Figure

Neca: Aliens: Series 13 Scorpion Action Figure

What you need to know: Aimed at older children and collectors, this action figure makes a great toy or collectible.

What you’ll love: The 30 points of articulation make this monster a perfect choice for intergalactic battles or displayable action poses. Part of a series of collectibles, this figure from the “Alien Vs. Predator” franchise is an excellent toy for fans. The figure comes with a moveable inner mouth. Iconic.

What you should consider: This action figure may be suitable for 3 years and up, but consideration should be given to its terrifying appearance.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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