Which Sofia the First toy is best?

Princess Sofia captured the world’s attention as one of the first young girl Disney princesses. Always dressed in her royal purple dress with a matching magical amulet, viewers of her eponymous TV show follow her on all of her adventures through the Kingdoms. Sofia is a smart and precocious princess who is loyal to her friends and family and kind to animals. If you are looking for “Sofia the First” toys, check out the top choice, a set of Princess Sofia the First & Princess Amber dolls.

What to know before you buy a Sofia the First toy

Cast of characters

In the TV show, Sofia lives with her mother Miranda, her stepfather King Roland and stepsibling twins James and Amber in a castle in the Kingdom of Enchancia. Her trusted sidekick is an ever-hungry rabbit named Clover and an anxious flying horse named Minimus. Baileywick, the castle steward also keeps an eye on Sofia.

Types of Sofia the First toys


There are many varieties of “Sofia the First” dolls. Find Sofia, Minimus or Clover available as plush dolls, larger baby dolls or Barbie-style dolls. Some dolls have special talents like curtsying or the ability to speak. Most of the dolls come with special accessories like jewelry, hairbrushes, fans and sometimes even animal sidekicks.

Specialty toys

One of the more exciting “Sofia the First” toys on the market is a fancy dining cart. The cart is a perfect place to host a tea party as it transforms into a table and comes complete with pretend play food, a tea set, and a candelabra. Alternatively, a “Sofia the First” themed carrying case is a great way to keep all of your Sofia toys together and also includes a hidden playset inside.


An inexpensive way to own as many of the characters as possible is to invest in the smaller figures. There are several sets available with different characters interspersed at budget-friendly prices. Figures are also great for use as cupcake or cake toppers for a “Sofia the First” themed party.


Pretend to be Princess Sofia herself with a beautiful ballgown. Pair it with a matching purple tiara and a special purple amulet or wand. Some costumes bundle the jewelry and the dress together. The costume dress styles range from exact copies to more artistic interpretations but use the same shades of purple.

Activity books

Activity books run the gamut from things like coloring books, to sticker books. Some of these books come in a set with other games like puzzles, word games or mazes. 


Finding “Sofia the First” games is rare, but not impossible. “Sofia the First” was transformed into a Monopoly Junior game, featuring Sofia, Amber and Clover as game pieces. Help them along on their journey through the Kingdom of Enchancia, learning important lessons along the way. Or get physical and shoot skeeball or practice your ball throwing with the “Sofia the First” game center.

Art set

Art sets include options for drawing, painting and coloring. Art sets are great for working on motor skills, learning how to color in the lines and practicing doodles. Consider a “Sofia the First” inspired traveling art desk that can be taken in the car.

How much you can expect to spend on Sofia the First toys

The price of “Sofia the First” toys are pretty reasonable, unless you’re looking for a rare or collectible toy. You can find coloring books and activity sets for under $10, and most dolls, plush toys and costumes for under $25. Larger toys or sets may run as high as $40

Sofia the First toy FAQ

What special characters can I look for?

A. Sofia has made many friends during her adventures, so you’ll be certain to see toys representing those new friends. She has several school friends like Princess Hildegaard or Vivian who has a pet dragon named Crackle often featured in later episodes.

Why are some of the Sofia the First toys so expensive?

A. “Sofia the First” debuted in 2012 so the more expensive toys have been on the market longer, transitioning into collectors’ pieces. The newer toys are more in line with traditional toy pricing.

Top Sofia the First toy

Princess Sofia the First & Princess Amber doll

Princess Sofia the First & Princess Amber doll

What you need to know: This is a set of two dolls: a Princess Sofia doll and the extra-rare Princess Amber doll.

What you’ll love: You can have double the fun with these 12-inch dolls wearing their signature ballgown and sparkly tiaras. Princess Amber arrives with a fan and Princess Sofia is adorned with her trusty magic amulet. Finding Princess Amber individually is almost impossible, so snag this set while you can.

What you should consider: Once you remove the tiaras, they will no longer be able to stay in place.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Sofia the First toy for the money

Disney “Sofia the First” Digital Purple Watch

Disney “Sofia the First” Digital Purple Watch

What you need to know: This budget-friendly “Sofia the First” watch lights up and plays the theme song from the show.

What you’ll love: This charming watch has a cover face with Sofia standing in front of her castle. Lift up the face to reveal a digital time display underneath. The lilac band features the same designs found on Sofia’s signature outfit.

What you should consider: The watch is neither water-resistant nor waterproof.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

“Sofia the First” Mermaid Magic Princess Sofia

Sofia the First” Mermaid Magic Princess Sofia

What you need to know: Check out Princess Sofia as a mermaid with a light-up tail that spins as she swims.

What you’ll love: Princess Sofia’s magical amulet has transformed her into a mermaid! She comes with a removable seashell tiara and a hairbrush. Take her in the bath to see her tail light up as it swishes across the water. She sings a song from the episode that features her mermaid adventures.

What you should consider: Some users discovered that the battery compartment was not waterproof, which caused their dolls to stop working.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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