Which snake toy is best?

Playing with toys is an important part of a child’s growth. Imagining creative play scenarios and manipulating objects can help little ones develop both their cognitive and motor skills. It’s even better if the toy intrigues the child or is something that fascinates them.

A simple toy snake checks all of these boxes. The best one will be realistic enough to make playtime a thrilling adventure. Melissa & Doug’s Giant Boa Constrictor, however, is a 14-foot-long plush toy that can become your child’s best companion — and encourage affection for serpents instead of fear.

What to know before you buy a snake toy

Snake toys aren’t just for kids

Animal toys are always an exciting option for kids. They stimulate a child’s imagination and help them learn creative play. However, snake toys aren’t just for children. If you purchase realistic-looking toys, they can be used to decorate the house for Halloween or to play practical jokes on friends that, if videoed, may end up going viral. Also, toy snakes can be used as pest deterrents if you have animals such as birds and squirrels that are causing trouble on your property.

There are different types of snake toys

When most of us think of a snake toy, we picture a rubber toy. While this is arguably the most popular version of a snake toy, there are a few different kinds out there.

Plush: These snake toys are usually large and designed for comfort and cuddling.

Realistic: Such snake toys are ideal for decoration or for a prank, and there are numerous plastic or rubber models available with accurate detail. These toys look great, but they typically don’t move.

Wooden: An old-fashioned wooden snake toy might not look as real as a molded plastic or rubber toy, but it’s fluid motions are mesmerizing.

ROBO ALIVE Slithering Robotic Snake

Electronic: Whether it is a Fingerling or a robotic toy, an electric toy snake typically offers the greatest amount of interaction for children. This type of model may stick out its tongue, move its eyes or even slither across the floor.

What to look for in a quality snake toy


If you are looking for a more realistic item, a smaller snake toy might be what you want. However, for younger kids, something that is larger and easier to hold and handle might be the best way to go.


Some snake toys are hard plastic items that sink in water, making them great dive toys for a pool. Others are soft, making them best for snuggling.


If your child really loves serpents, consider purchasing a set that depicts several different types of snakes.

How much you can expect to spend on a snake toy

When it comes to small plastic or rubber toy snakes, you can purchase them for as low as a few dollars. Larger toy snakes or robotic snakes, however, may cost as much as $40 or more.

Snake toy FAQ

Will a snake toy be too scary for my child?

A. This depends on your child. For most kids, having a harmless toy snake is exciting because it is scary but also safe. In fact, a snake toy may even help your child overcome any fears they might have because it can desensitize them. That said, if a toy snake increases a child’s anxiety or stress levels every time they see it, it might not be a good choice for them.

At what age is it safe for my child to play with a snake toy?

A. Recommended ages vary from toy to toy. If a snake toy has small pieces, for instance, it will not be suited for a very young child. The best answer is to check the manufacturer’s age recommendations before purchasing. However, as noted above, even if your child is old enough to play with the toy, if it causes them stress or anxiety, you might want to wait until the child is a little older — especially if the snake toy is particularly realistic-looking.

What’s the best snake toy to buy?

Top snake toy

Melissa & Doug’s Giant Boa Constrictor

Melissa & Doug’s Giant Boa Constrictor

What you need to know: If your child loves snakes, this 14-foot boa constrictor will be a welcome addition to their toy collection.

What you’ll love: This lifesize snake has a soft, plush exterior that makes it suitable for hugging. It has realistic markings, but is not too scary for little ones, and it is a vibrant green color. The outer surface is washable for ease of care.

What you should consider: While the majority of users have a great experience with this snake, some buyers report the toy was not as durable as expected or split at the seam after minimal use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top snake toy for the money

Toy Wooden Snake

Toy Wooden Snake

What you need to know: This is a fun, wooden snake that can be positioned in a variety of shapes for imaginative play.

What you’ll love: You can use this eco-friendly wooden snake as a toy or a Halloween decoration. It is a little over 2 feet long and is crafted so its body moves gracefully back and forth like the real animal. It is smooth and nontoxic, so it is safe for kids of all ages.

What you should consider: The buyer does not get to choose the color of this item and must be happy with whichever design arrives.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Realistic Rubber Snake

Realistic Rubber Snake

What you need to know: If you are looking for a realistic toy snake that will make others jump, this offering is designed to do just that.

What you’ll love: This is an ideal snake for individuals who love to play practical jokes. It has a highly realistic look, and it is small enough to be placed nearly anywhere for decoration or to serve as a pest deterrent. It features a soft touch and does not have an offensive odor.

What you should consider: This snake is small and manufactured from harder PVC, so it cannot be bent, shaped or repositioned.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

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