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Did you know that both Rick and Morty are voiced by the same person? Justin Roiland also voices countless other characters in the show.

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Which Rick and Morty toy is best?

“Rick and Morty” has become an unexpected global phenomenon over the past few years. The Adult Swim animation follows a mad scientist and his grandson as they go on multi-planetary and multi-dimensional adventures. However, the show’s true charm is in its humor, sci-fi concepts and wild animation style, all of which are captured in their unique toy lines. 

If you’re looking for the best Rick and Morty toys available on the market, consider the top choice Funko Toy: Rick & Morty Portal Gun. Resembling Rick’s signature portal gun, it projects a green portal on a wall — just like the one in the show!  

What to know before you buy Rick and Morty toys

‘Rick and Morty’ the show

If you’ve somehow missed one of the biggest animations in recent years, here’s a rundown of the show: Rick is a mad scientist with the ability to create almost any device or machine. He usually creates something that interferes with established scientific principles, such as a micro-universe inside his spaceship battery or an amusement park inside a person’s body. On his journeys, he drags his grandson Morty along with him, and the two find themselves in galactic singing competitions, intergalactic wars and government conspiracies.

Adult-rated humor

Although “Rick and Morty” is an animation, it’s geared mostly toward adults. It is rated TV-14 because of excessive profanity, sexual content and violence. While some toys may seem innocuous, others may reference explicit jokes or are made for adults only. If you plan on buying a toy for a younger person, keep their age and maturity in mind.

Different licenses and manufacturers

The creators of “Rick and Morty” have licensed the intellectual property to several toymakers, from Funko to Mattel. Each manufacturer has its own level of quality and target audience. For example, some Rick and Morty board games contain inappropriate humor and are explicitly for adults. Other toys may be appropriate for children of other ages, but be sure to check the packaging for recommendations.

What to look for in a quality Rick and Morty toys


As with most things, it’s important to look for Rick and Morty toys that will stand up to typical wear and tear. Check the materials used in the toy, as well as the construction and design to help ensure it won’t come apart easily. Even cheap toys should last at least a few years. 


“Rick and Morty” has been lauded for some of the intricate details found in even the smallest props. The best Rick and Morty toys pay homage to the show, whether it’s sound effects used in the animation or the iconic art style employed in each episode. This also goes for packaging, which can sometimes include references and jokes related to the show. 

Official licensing

Because of its popularity, there are a number of manufacturers attempting to pass off imitations of Rick and Morty merchandise. Check the packaging to help ensure you are purchasing an officially-licensed product. 

How much you can expect to spend on Rick and Morty toys

The cheapest Rick and Morty toys start at around $10 for simple figurines. More advanced toys with sound effects or special lights may run up to $50. 

Rick and Morty toys FAQ

Does the portal gun work?

A. The portal gun makes sound effects and projects portals onto the wall, much like the ones on the show. However, unlike on the show, it won’t allow you to enter other dimensions!

Can you pose the Pickle Rick action figure?

A. The Pickle Rick action figure can be taken in and out of his suit, and he can move his arms and legs up and down. 

What’s the best Rick and Morty toy to buy?

Top Rick and Morty toy

Funko Toy: Rick & Morty - Portal Gun Toy Portal Gun

Funko Toy: Rick & Morty – Portal Gun Toy Portal Gun 

What you need to know: This portal gun is a vivid replica of the signature portal gun from the show.

What you’ll love: The iconic gun from Rick’s arsenal is available as a toy. When you pull the trigger, it projects a green portal on the wall, much like the show’s dimensional rifts.

What you should consider: Be careful not to buy an earlier, inferior version of this toy that doesn’t have the same level of quality or resemblance to the show’s gun as the newer version. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Rick and Morty toy for the money

Funko Action Figure: Rick & Morty - Space Suit Rick

Funko Action Figure: Rick & Morty – Space Suit Rick  

What you need to know: This stylized figure of Rick comes with a great display case.

What you’ll love: This is a detailed Rick figurine is perfect for display on a shelf, desk or in a collection.

What you should consider: The figurine is 3.75 inches tall.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Funko 29783 Action Figure: Rick & Morty Pickle

Funko 29783 Action Figure: Rick & Morty Pickle 

What you need to know: An awesome action figurine of Pickle Rick in his full rat suit, a throwback to the third episode of the third season, “Pickle Rick”

What you’ll love: Pickle Rick can come out of the rat suit, and his arms and legs can be posed in different ways.

What you should consider: Pickle Rick lacks a lot of the attention to detail that comes in other Rick and Morty toys.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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