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Which Plants vs. Zombies toy is best?

The internationally popular game Plants vs. Zombies has found a unique niche in the video game world. It falls in the tower-defense genre in which homeowners protect their properties from hordes of hungry zombies by using various plants. In 2011, video game conglomerate Electronic Arts purchased the game to create a new Plants vs. Zombies franchise.

Today, the game is so popular that manufacturers have begun creating toys centered around it. The best Plants vs. Zombies toy is Zestar’s playset, which features 19 pieces, including several zombie and plants figures plus a battleground map. 

What to know before you buy a Plants vs. Zombies toy

Game rules

The general concept of Plants vs. Zombies is right there in the title. You are a homeowner who must protect yourself and your house from incoming zombies. The playing field is set up with six horizontal lines on which zombies can walk. Your job is to quickly plant different species of zombie-killing plants designed to stop the zombies in their tracks. Be careful: Each zombie has unique abilities that may take down certain plants. So to better protect yourself, you must learn all the types of plants to know which ones are best against which zombies.

Plant varieties

There are several types of plants, each with unique characteristics and requirements. They each do a different amount of damage; some have projectiles while others simply wait for a zombie to come into contact with them to unleash spikes or spores. For example, the Winter Melon is a large, heavy plant that has an area-of-effect damage when thrown. The Fume-Shroom shoots out a gas-like fume that damages the zombies and prevents them from advancing. There’s also the popular Peashooter plant that launches peas at incoming zombies.

Zombie varieties

Much like plants, zombies have a lot of variety. Each zombie type has different speeds, defensive mechanisms and abilities of attack. There are various game modes within the regular game and other variations of the game where different zombies exist. Buckethead Zombie is one of the most common in the original game. It wears a metal bucket on its head and has a strong amount of health and great toughness. The Snorkel Zombie is invulnerable to projectiles while the Jack-in-the-Box Zombie can be significantly faster than the others.

What to look for in a quality Plants vs. Zombies toy

Plush toys

Along with action figures and playsets, there are a lot of plush Plants vs. Zombie toys that are worth considering. Giga-Gargantuar appears occasionally and has an impressive amount of health in the game. Its plush figure is equally impressive in size, measuring around 12 inches tall. There’s also a plush toy of Chomper, the flesh-eating plant. This strong defensive plant turns the tide on the zombies by biting them back.


The primary location for the Plants vs. Zombies game is the front yard of your home. This is in a once-quiet suburban area — that is, before the zombies moved in. This original map is included in several Plants vs. Zombies playsets. With an actual map, you can set your toys up, create unique displays and have some zombie fun outside of the video game itself. There are other locations as well that crop up in certain toys, such as Ancient Egypt, Jurassic Marsh and Wild West.


Projectiles are important parts of the game. These plant-based weapons shoot peas out of their mouths to attack zombies from a distance. In the game, these weapons can help you get ahead of the incoming horde. In the toy version, well, they’re just fun to shoot. Some high-quality Plants vs. Zombies toys include actual projectile Peashooter plants. These use small plush peas that shoot out of their mouths using a simple spring-loaded trigger.

How much you can expect to spend on a Plants vs. Zombies toy

Plants vs. Zombies toys cost $19-$60.

Plants vs. Zombies toy FAQ

Do Plants vs. Zombies toys require batteries?

A. No. Most playsets are a collection of action figures, some of which have projectiles that can be shot using springs.

Do Plants vs. Zombies toys come with game instructions?

A. Most toy playsets based on the Plants vs. Zombies games do not come with instructions. Playsets in general are ways for fans of the series to engage in free play instead of adhering to a game structure. This allows for more freedom in play compared to the actual Plants vs. Zombies video game.

What’s the best Plants vs. Zombies toy to buy?

Top Plants vs. Zombies toy

Plants vs. Zombies Playset

Plants vs. Zombies Playset

What you need to know: This full playset from Zestar allows you to play Plants vs. Zombies in real life using the same characters and techniques as the video game.

What you’ll love: There are more than a dozen pieces in this set, including characters and Peashooter balls. There are seven zombies in total, including a Buckethead Zombie and a Conehead Zombie. There’s a battleground game board that acts as a map to play out the game. 

What you should consider: This set includes small pieces and is only suitable for children ages 3 and older.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Plants vs. Zombies toy for the money

Plants vs. Zombies Toy Figures Set

Plants vs. Zombies Toy Figures Set

What you need to know: This affordable action figure set comes with 16 toys spanning all aspects of the Plants vs. Zombies universe.

What you’ll love: Each figure is made with quality PVC materials, which will make them last a long time. They are not poseable; however, they are well-made for a display shelf for collectors. There are both projectile plants and a cactus plant along with 11 different zombies.

What you should consider: This set does not include a game board or battleground map.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Plants vs. Zombies Battle Map Playset

Plants vs. Zombies Battle Map Playset

What you need to know: This comprehensive playset lets you set up and play a full game of Plants vs. Zombies on the battle map.

What you’ll love: There are 10 figures in total, which include five plants and five zombies. Buckethead Zombie, Conehead Zombie and Peashooter are included. The map is made with high-quality material that appears like that of a computer mousepad.

What you should consider: The Peashooter character does not shoot projectiles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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