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Many people’s favorite Peanuts toy is Snoopy as the air ace who fights the Red Baron in battle after battle.

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Which Peanuts toy is best?

What makes the Peanuts world different from other comic strips about kids is that adults never appear and the kids live in a world of their own. Peanuts characters are kids with distinct personalities who think and act like adults.

When it comes to toys that are the ultimate representation of friendly comic strip characters, the Peanuts gang immediately comes to many people’s minds. If you are looking for a simple Peanuts toy that is heartwarming to all, take a look at the Lambs & Ivy Snoopy Plush Toy.

What to know before you buy a Peanuts toy

What could be more friendly than Peanuts toys? The Peanuts characters from the long-running comic strips, cartoons, books, television and movies are kids and animals with distinctly different personalities. Here are some of the major characters from the Peanuts gang:

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is the little round-headed kid. He is naive and struggles with many things. Charlie Brown is the Lovable Loser and is considered by many to be one of the greatest comic characters of all time.


Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s pet beagle. This lovable droopy-eared dog sleeps on top of his doghouse. Snoopy lives several fantasy lives. The most famous character he plays in his imaginary world is when he imagines himself as the World War I fighter pilot foe of the legendary Red Baron. As the air ace, Snoopy wears a leather helmet, pilot’s goggles and a long white scarf. Snoopy also plays Joe Cool, a hipster character in sunglasses and a turtleneck sweater. Snoopy is by far the most beloved of all the Peanuts characters.


Sally is Charlie Brown’s little sister. She is extremely proud of her naturally curly blonde hair. Sally has a perpetual crush on Linus Van Pelt.

Linus Van Pelt

Linus is Charlie Brown’s best friend. He carries a blue security blanket that Snoopy often tries to snatch away. Linus believes in the Great Pumpkin, a spirit that rises from the pumpkin patch on Halloween night.

Lucy Van Pelt

Lucy is the crabby kid that always has something up her sleeve. She is Linus’ sister and delights in torturing Charlie Brown. In a long-running gag, she promises to hold the football as he kicks it. She always pulls it away at the last instant so Charlie Brown falls flat on his back. Lucy has what looks like a curbside lemonade stand but is the office where she dispenses psychiatric advice for five cents a session. 

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty is a freckled redhead who has a crush on Charlie Brown. She plays all sports actively. Peppermint Patty has a short attention span and often falls asleep at her desk in school.


Marcy is the most intellectual of the Peanuts characters. She wears glasses that obscure her eyes, Marcy is the voice of reason of the Peanuts gang and insists on calling Peppermint Patty “Sir.”


Schroeder is a blond-haired kid who is a musical genius. He is a huge fan of Ludwig von Beethoven and plays his works impossibly well on a tiny toy piano. Lucy is crazy about him, but Schroeder has no interest in her affections.


Woodstock is an endearing tiny yellow bird who is Snoopy’s friend and companion.

What to look for in a quality Peanuts toy

Figure vs. plush

Most of the Peanuts characters come as plastic figures and soft plush toys. Little kids love the plush toys and kids of all ages love the figurines. 


If you like exacting detail, look for Peanuts toys that are of moldable plastic shaped and painted to look exactly like your favorite Peanuts characters. Plush and fabric toys will never be detailed, but they will have some of the characters’ prominent features.

How much you can expect to spend on a Peanuts toy

Small plush Peanut toys cost from $10-$20. Peanuts combo toys, toy sets and toys with multiple characters cost from $20-$40.

Peanuts toys FAQ

Why do kids love Peanuts characters so much?

A. One reason is that the Peanuts characters live in a world without adults. Another is that with so many different personalities, kids can connect with more than one character.

How long have Peanuts characters been around?

A. The first Peanuts comic strip appeared in 1950 and Charles M. Schulz published nearly 20,000 strips in his lifetime.

What’s the best Peanuts toy to buy?

Top Peanuts toys 

Lambs and Ivy Snoopy Plush Toy

Lambs & Ivy Snoopy Plush Toy

What you need to know: This plush Snoopy is a great companion to young kids who like soft and cuddly toys of their favorite beagle.

What you’ll love: This 15-inch-tall, black-and-white Peanuts toy with big floppy ears is made of gentle polyester fabric that can be machine washed on the gentle cycle and tumble dried on low. Around his neck, Snoopy wears a blue-green fabric dog collar.

What you should consider: Remove this toy promptly from the dryer after washing to avoid shrinkage.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Peanuts toys for the money

Peanuts Deluxe 12 Character Figure Set

Peanuts Deluxe 12 Character Figure Set

What you need to know: These 2-inch-tall figures feature Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock and six more Peanut characters.

What you’ll love: Have fun playing with Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patty, Sally, Schroeder, Marcy and Franklin, the thoughtful kid who often quotes passages from the Old Testament. This Peanuts character set includes Snoopy’s doghouse, Schroeder’s toy piano and Woodstock’s birdbath.

What you should consider: This character set is not boxed but comes in a plastic bag.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Peanuts for Pets Woodstock Classic Plush Squeaky Toy

Peanuts for Pets Woodstock Classic Plush Squeaky Toy

What you need to know: You can share your passion for Peanuts characters with your dog with this plush squeaky Woodstock toy.

What you’ll love: A plush toy to chew on that squeaks too is great fun for your dogs and keeps them entertained. This toy is safe for pets because it has no hard plastic, no corners and no sharp edges. Woodstock makes a great hide and seek toy too.

What you should consider: This plush squeaky toy is recommended for dogs of all sizes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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