Which is the best Littlest Pet Shop Toy?

Littlest Pet Shop is a cartoon series and toy franchise. The television show follows the lives and adventures of five miniature animals who live in a pet shop on Littlest Lane. Inside the pet shop, they have their very own tree house. Littlest Pet Shop pets are characterized by their oversized bobble heads and great big eyes.

There are thousands of pets in the Littlest Pet Shop. If you are looking for a Littlest Pet Shop playset that has room for 30 of your favorite pets, take a look at the Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship.

What to know before you buy a Littlest Pet Shop toy

Littlest Pet Shop toys come in lots of shapes and sizes, all designed for kids. You can begin by choosing from nine different themes.

Collection themes

  • Amphibians and reptiles: Choose from 34 of these cartoonish creatures that come in all sizes and colors and include Iggy Frogenstein, Mitzi McLizard, Ike Lizardy and Bev Gilturtle.
  • Aquatic: There are 63 different toy pets that share the aquatic theme. Choose Seahorse in Bubble, Fish in Teapot, Crab in Seashell, Dolphin in Shell and many more. 
  • Birds: There are 71 different Littlest Pet Shop toy pets in this collection. Single birds include Blanche Pelicano, Checkers Pengo and more. You can also choose birds with accessories, like Bluebird in Rose, Duck in Egg and Canary in Birdcage. 
  • Bugs: Who wouldn’t want a Glitzy Prettyfly or a Ladybug in Mushroom? How about a Bee in Hive or a scary Spider in Banana? There are 42 more bugs in this collection of Littlest Pet Shop toys.
  • Cats: This popular category has 116 cats to choose from, like Cleo Curlycat, Bijou Angora and even a Scrapper Cat in Toilet.
  • Dogs: Danielle Spanielle, Lucie La Poodle and Sweetie Pom-Pom head a cast of 136 Littlest Pet Shop toy dogs.
  • Farm: Choose from 30 farm animal toys like Jersey Cowlick, Sunny Chickencluck and a Blue Lamb in a Turquoise Cupcake Bottom.
  • Small furry pets: This collection is small pets, but they are not furry. Choose from Bunny in Basket, Molly Mouseby and Curly Cheeseburg and 60 more.
  • Wild: With 160 different figures, this is by far the largest category of Littlest Pet Shop toys. You might like Abi Kangarooney, Urso Brownbear or Bananas Monkeyford.

What to look for in a quality Littlest Pet Shop toy


A great way to enjoy all of your Littlest Pet Shop toys is with a playset so your creatures can play together. Like little playgrounds, playsets are usually structures with lots of accessories, deco bits and sticker sheets. Most come with only one or two figures. Look for playsets that open for play and close to store all the accessories inside.

Pet shops come in packages that look like the actual store, with two display windows and a front door, just like the real Littlest Pet Shop on Littlest Lane.

Cat hideaways have lots of places for your Littlest Pet Shop toy cats to sit, play and hide. They are made to fit Classic, Mini and Teensie scale pets. 

Skate parks have ramps, cones, jumps, skateboards and trick rails so your Littlest Pet Shop pets can do tricks in the park.

Jumbo jet playsets are airplanes for when your pets are flying away to adventures in exotic places around the world. Look for jets that convert into extended play areas.

Cruise ship playsets let your pets take to the high seas onboard a luxury liner with on-deck activities for passengers.

Apartment buildings are the places your Littlest Pet Shop toys call home. They resemble doll houses with open backs. Look for apartment playsets with enough units to hold dozens of your favorite pets.

How much you can expect to spend on a Littlest Pet Shop toy

Individual toys start at less than $10. Packs of pets start at $20 and go as high as $60. Most playsets cost $25-$40.

Littlest Pet Shop toy FAQ

How big are the classic, mini and teensie Littlest Pet Shop toys?

A. They are about 3 inches, 2 inches and 1 inch tall, repectively.

Which Littlest Pet Shop toys are the most collectible?

A. Value is usually determined by rarity. Check the collection guide that tells you how rare each pet is and what others you can find that are Popular (common), Exotic (rare) and Dream (very rare).

What’s the best Littlest Pet Shop toy to buy?

Top Littlest Pet Shop toy

Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship

Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship

What you need to know: Take 30 of your favorite pets on a getaway on this cruise ship.

What you’ll love: The cruise ship has activities like a zip line, climbing wall, surfing wave and dance floor. The ship opens for play and closes to keep all your toys inside. This toy includes a classic, mini and teensie pet.

What you should consider: Three pets are included: the turtle captain, and a cat and octopus passengers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Littlest Pet Shop toy for the money

Littlest Pet Shop Party Spectacular Collector Pack

Littlest Pet Shop Party Spectacular Collector Pack

What you need to know: These 15 pets are a great way for kids 4 and up to get their collection started.

What you’ll love: Kids can decorate their armadillo, dog, duck, turtle, hippo and 10 more pets for the parties they throw with themed deco bits and accessories. One of the included pet friends has a unique code that can be scanned to bring her to life in the digital app. Level up and unlock new rooms and accessories in the app.

What you should consider: These are the teensie pets, the smallest of the three sizes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Littlest Pet Shop Pet Partment Play Set

Littlest Pet Shop Pet Partment Play Set

What you need to know: Now your Littlest Pet Shop toys can have a home of their own with this easy-to-transport playset with handle.

What you’ll love: This apartment complex has cat towers, a swinging perch, slide and top and bottom doggy doors so everyone has a place to call home. The rooftop fishbowl is a great place for pets to swim and the water bowl and food dish come in handy when your pets are hungry and thirsty.

What you should consider: This playset is smaller than it appears in most pictures and so is best for mini and teensie pet toys.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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