Best jigsaw puzzles for kids

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Young kids will want the finished image on hand to help them along in their process. Older kids, however, may find a challenge building the puzzle by memory.

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Which jigsaw puzzles for kids are best?

Jigsaw puzzles are a staple of childhood, engaging and inspiring youngsters to use their dexterity and imagination to create something special and satisfying. Jigsaw puzzles for kids can help develop a number of important skills and offer them a chance to tackle a task solo or learn to work together with others.

Puzzles aimed at youngsters typically have a lower piece count and clearer images that make the journey rewarding. The top option, Ravensburger’s No Dogs on the Beach, offers kids a fun and accessible activity, demonstrating the various factors that go into creating the best puzzle for kids.

What to know before you buy a jigsaw puzzle for kids

Number of pieces

The number of pieces included in a jigsaw puzzle typically influences the recommended age range. The smallest puzzles geared towards toddlers typically contain around 50 pieces, but those for ages 6 or 7 can include up to 100 pieces. Puzzles with 100 to 300 pieces are best suited to 8  to 10-year-olds, while those older may seek out those with more than 300 pieces. 


One way to get kids excited about doing a puzzle is with a familiar or engaging image. Most jigsaw puzzles for kids feature cute animals, bright and varied colors or familiar characters from their favorite shows or movies. Other popular content includes dinosaurs, planets and ocean life. The images will have an effect on difficulty, as similar color shades or clustering of like figures will make the puzzle more challenging than one with a diverse image where characters and settings stand out.


Consider both the size of the finished puzzle, as well as the size of the pieces. Kids will need to clear enough space when preparing to take on a puzzle in order to see all the pieces and start putting together small sections.

Many kids’ puzzles feature larger than normal pieces, which helps with manipulation and spatial awareness. Large pieces give a better indication of its image and are ideal for younger kids. Many boxes will indicate the size of the pieces.

What to look for in a quality jigsaw puzzle for kids

Double-sided puzzles

For those seeking value and variability in their puzzles, there are some options for kids that feature an image on both sides. These can be somewhat challenging since it’s not always clear which way the pieces are supposed to face, although most feature a consistent background to aid puzzlers.

3D puzzles

For more advanced young puzzlers, there are three-dimensional options that can inspire and entertain. Similar to building a LEGO set or putting together a model, 3D puzzles offer a stunning piece upon completion that can be put on display. While some 3D puzzles may be fairly straightforward, most are relatively time-consuming and challenging, especially for those who are attempting them for the first time.


The best jigsaw puzzles for kids are made by trusted, reputable brands. These companies make pieces that are strong and sturdy, which is especially important when it comes to being handled by kids. The pieces should also fit together easily without being forced. Poorly made puzzles may mislead children or discourage them from the activity.

How much you can expect to spend on jigsaw puzzles for kids

Most jigsaw puzzles geared for kids will cost between $10-$20.

Jigsaw puzzle for kids FAQ

What are some tips for kids trying their first jigsaw puzzles?

A. Dump out the pieces on a flat, clean surface and flip them all so the image is facing up. It’s recommended to start with the edges first and slowly work inward. Grouping by color and shape is a useful tactic or starting with part of the image that stands out. Don’t be afraid to take time and rotate a piece along all four sides to see if it fits. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a break and rest your eyes before returning at a later time.

Are jigsaw puzzles for kids educational?

A. The image on the puzzle may engage and educate kids, especially if the content is geared towards nature or science. Notably, however, puzzles help develop motor skills, foster creativity and even improve memory. Puzzles can be done by oneself, teaching independence, or with others, calling for cooperation and social skills. Puzzles also offer an engaging activity that keeps kids away from screens.

What’s the best jigsaw puzzle for kids to buy?

Top jigsaw puzzle for kids

Ravensburger No Dogs on the Beach

Ravensburger No Dogs on the Beach

What you need to know: A cute and colorful puzzle that features large pieces and a fun image.

What you’ll love: This amusing puzzle features 100 extra-large unique pieces that are easy to handle and fit together smoothly. The image is varied and detailed. This product is recommended for ages 6 and up.

What you should consider: It may be too simple for older kids.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top jigsaw puzzle for kids for the money

Thomas Kincade Disney Dreams 4-in-1 Puzzle

Thomas Kincade Disney Dreams 4-in-1 Puzzle

What you need to know: A set of four puzzles from a trusted brand features scenes.

What you’ll love: This puzzle features scenes from a quartet of popular Disney movies, including “The Little Mermaid” and “The Lion King.” It’s ideal for older kids or parents helping out younger ones.

What you should consider: This puzzle is too advanced for younger kids on their own.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Buffalo Games Beach Holiday

Buffalo Games Beach Holiday

What you need to know: With 300 pieces, this puzzle caters to a wide range of kids.

What you’ll love: This image offers engaging animals and colorful sights to keep young ones engaged. The beach scene features bright colors and various animals that offer a relatively simple though time-consuming puzzle for young ones. The pieces are large and easy to manipulate, and they snap together for the perfect fit. 

What you should consider: This puzzle is relatively easy, considering the piece count.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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