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When dumping out pieces, be careful that you’ve enough room so as not to lose any. Storing pieces in a plastic bag instead of the box can help avoid any going missing.

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Which jigsaw puzzle for adults is best?

A jigsaw puzzle offers a chance to stimulate your mind to create something special, either by yourself or with friends and family. There are myriad puzzles for adults that may be challenging and satisfying diversions with images depicting art, nature or even favorite characters from pop culture.

This top jigsaw puzzle for adults, Succulent Season, comes from a leading brand that demonstrates both the beauty and challenge that puzzle can offer. The best choices come from trusted names that cater to your puzzle needs, whether you’re seeking a mind-bending puzzle with a high level or difficulty or something more easy-going for a casual game night.

What to know before you buy a jigsaw puzzle for adults


Seek out puzzles that feature thick, sturdy pieces. They should not bend or shed pieces of cardboard easily, and the image should be firmly affixed to the pieces and should not peel. It should be clear when a piece fits into another. There are a few top brands that have cultivated trust over the years by creating quality, satisfying puzzles. Consumers may want to stick to brands they know and enjoy or experiment with caution and assess as they go. The jigsaw puzzles buying guide at Best Reviews has more tips on determining a quality puzzle.

Piece count

Adults will want to seek out puzzles with at least 500 pieces. One or two people can typically solve these over a few hours a day. 1,000-piece puzzles are quite popular and prevalent, and these often take a few sessions across days or a week to complete. More challenging puzzles have 2,000 pieces, while those seeking a most difficult activity may want to check out options with 3,000 pieces.


Be sure to check out the size of the completed puzzle. This will determine how much space you need to clear in order to put the puzzle together. It’s a good rule of thumb to have at least twice as much space available as the size of the finished puzzle. That way you can spread out the pieces and work on smaller sections without being crowded or risk pieces falling off a table.

What to look for in a quality jigsaw puzzle for adults


Puzzles should produce a satisfying image at the end of it, and if it features a subject that you’re interested in or familiar with, the experience will be all the more enjoyable. Images are highly varied, with options featuring artwork, nature, science and pop culture.

The image also influences the difficulty. A 3,000-piece puzzle may be time-consuming, but if it features notable characters from your favorite movie, it can be relatively easy. Conversely, a 1,000-piece puzzle that features similar colors, shades and figures may present a far more arduous task. 

Random cut

Ribbon cut is the most popular way pieces are made. These pieces feature various combinations of pegs and holes, but they are generally the same size and shape. Random cut pieces, however, present a unique challenge. These pieces may be circular or triangular, with oblong shapes that make connecting pieces difficult. Random cut puzzles are ideal for those who want a more complex activity.

Specialty puzzles 

In addition to the traditional two-dimensional puzzles, there are some unique options available as well. Some adults may be interested in 3D puzzles, where pieces are put together to produce an image that has height, as well as length and width.

Wasgij puzzles may also be of interest. These puzzles present a challenge in that they don’t show users the image on the box. 

How much you can expect to spend on a jigsaw puzzle for adults

Most jigsaw puzzles for adults cost between $15-$30 depending on piece count, size and image.

Jigsaw puzzle for adults FAQ

What’s the best setup for doing a jigsaw puzzle?

A. Be sure to work on a large, flat and clean surface. You should have enough room to see all the pieces and flip them right side up. You may want to consider using a large piece of cardboard or other sturdy material that will allow you to move the puzzle and pieces if needed, either in between sessions upon completion.

What should I do with a puzzle once it’s complete?

A. There are a few different ways to proceed with a finished puzzle. Some users may simply want to leave it out on display for a little while before breaking it down and returning to a bag or box. If the image is of interest, you may use puzzle glue to stick the pieces together in order to hang on a wall or put in a frame. Puzzle swap groups are also popular, in which people trade or lend out puzzles to one another in order to try something new instead of acquiring more.

What’s the best jigsaw puzzle for adults to buy?

Top jigsaw puzzle for adults

Buffalo Games Succulent Season

Buffalo Games Succulent Season

What you need to know: A beautiful 2,000-piece puzzle made by a trusted name.

What you’ll love: This gorgeous puzzle featuring a variety of colorful and curious-looking succulents comes from a leading company. High piece count offers a lengthy solo or group challenge. The pieces fit easily and securely, and the product offers eager puzzles a satisfying challenge and colorful result.

What you should consider: This puzzle features similar shapes and colors that may lead to frustration for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top jigsaw puzzle for adults for the money

Star Wars Fine Art Collection Yoda

Star Wars Fine Art Collection Yoda

What you need to know: For Star Wars fans, this 1,000-piece puzzle offers a fun journey.

What you’ll love:  Featuring Yoda on Dagobah, this portrait offers a worthy challenge for adult puzzlers with various shades of green and blue despite its relatively low piece count. This product is perfect for showing off on your wall after completion. 

What you should consider: This puzzle may lack colors and other characters that would make for a livelier experience.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Marvel Comics Cast

Marvel Comics Cast

What you need to know: A massive puzzle featuring countless popular Marvel comics characters.

What you’ll love: With 3,000 pieces, this puzzle showcases comic versions of famed heroes and villains, including The Avengers and X-Men. There’s a wide range of colors offering excitement while portions of light and dark offer a challenge. This puzzle is ideal for those seeking a fun, time-consuming challenge

What you should consider: This product is quite pricey and large upon completion.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohls


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