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The Avengers made their first appearance in The Avengers #1, published by Marvel Comics in September 1963.

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Which Avengers toys for kids are best?

The Avengers are by far the most popular superheroes. From decades of comic books to dozens of films, Avengers characters are everywhere. That includes in the toy world, where there are plenty of Avengers toys and games meant to appeal to kids of all ages. But which Avengers toy will turn a parent into a superhero with their children? Which ones really bring the characters home? Here’s everything you need to find the perfect Avengers toy for kids.

What to know before you buy an Avengers toy

Product types

There’s not one type of Avengers toy. The characters have found their way into every corner of the toy market. That includes toys for boys, girls and kids of all ages. Common types include action figures, dolls, dress-up character kits and accessories. Not every toy is appropriate for all ages as some come with small parts that could be a choking or injury hazard.

Different versions

The Avengers existed for decades before movies made them a global phenomenon, so there can be toys depicting different versions of the same character. Most of the current Avengers toys are based on the movie versions since those are the best-known. However, some depict their comic-book appearances, and product listings will usually mention if that’s the case.

Character lineups

In recent years Avengers toy lines have focused on the handful of characters featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That means not every Avenger has a toy and some less-popular characters will have fewer toy options than others. There are plenty of Captain America, Iron Man and Captain Marvel toys for kids, but not as many Hawkeye or Nick Fury toys.

What to look for in a quality Avengers toy

Product quality

Toys are meant to be played with and that means they’re going to get dropped, thrown, tossed in a storage bin or left in a car. Parents should look for a toy that is sturdy and does not have too many small parts that can get lost or broken off. Many toys are made out of plastic so check to see if the pieces are attached together firmly and not too loose.


The best Avengers toy will be something that doesn’t just sit on a shelf or in a kid’s hand. The more ways a child can play with it, the more fun they’ll have. Search for toys that have a lot of play options. That could include coming with plenty of accessories or having multiple ways to use it.


Children will love an Avengers toy that looks just like the character they saw in the movies or comic books. Make sure the paint scheme uses the correct colors. Check that it comes with the features or styling that your child would expect. A Captain America toy isn’t complete without his trademark shield or the iconic red, white and blue coloring.

How much you can expect to spend on Avengers toys

The majority of Avengers toys range from $6-$30. Larger toys like building sets and bigger action figures can be priced up to $100.

Avengers toy FAQ

What are the most popular Avengers toys for kids?

A. There are a wide range of options for both boys and girls. The most popular choices are action figures and dress-up kits and accessories that enable children to pretend to be their favorite superheroes. Other choices include board games, collectibles and building kits such as LEGOS.

Will there be new Avengers toys?

A. Almost certainly. Even though “Avengers: Endgame” wrapped up the Avengers’ current story, there are already rumors of another Avengers movie in the near future. With a new film would come new toys for kids to enjoy. Even if that doesn’t happen for a few years, the characters are still so popular that companies will want to keep making Avengers toys. If you want to buy an Avengers toy, it’s best to get one you like now rather than waiting to see what’s next because there will always be something else out there.

What’s the best Avengers toy to buy?

Top Avengers toy

Hasbro Marvel Gamerverse Avengers Hulk vs. Abomination

Hasbro Marvel Gamerverse Avengers Hulk vs. Abomination

What you need to know: This action figure duo is an instant adventure for kids because it comes with both the Hulk and his arch-nemesis Abomination.

What you’ll love: Ready for instant play since kids get both the superhero and a supervillain for the Hulk to fight. Figures have nine points of articulation so children can move them in multiple directions. Their accessories are large so they’re not likely to get lost or broken.

What you should consider: This set is styled after the characters’ designs from the 2020 Avengers video game and not the more popular version of Hulk from the movies and comics. It only comes with one pair of accessories.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Avengers toy for the money

Playskool Heroes Super Hero Adventures Captain America Jungle Squad

Playskool Heroes Super Hero Adventures Captain America Jungle Squad

What you need to know: This box set includes a half-dozen Avengers toys and is ideal for younger fans because of the figures’ smaller size.

What you’ll love: Includes several of the most popular characters, including Captain America and Black Panther. Kids can pose the arms and legs on each Avenger. Parents of younger children will appreciate smaller figures that don’t have tiny parts to keep track of.

What you should consider: Characters’ accessories are permanently attached to the figures. No other accessories or villains are included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

NERF Power Moves Marvel Avengers Thor Hammer

NERF Power Moves Marvel Avengers Thor Hammer

What you need to know: This Avengers toy helps kids become Thor instead of just playing with the character.

What you’ll love: Thor’s hammer looks very close to its depiction in the movies. This toy is more interactive than an action figure. It’s made out of soft foam so children can use it without hurting themselves or damaging anything. It shoots darts from the top of the hammer so this toy doubles as a NERF gun.

What you should consider: Its foam construction means it’s less durable than other Avengers toys. Only comes with two darts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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