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Since Among Us is similar to a party game called Mafia, where Mafia members scheme to “kill off” civilians, its working title was Space Mafia.

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Which Among Us toys are best?

It is not uncommon for a video game to spawn a toy franchise. Once a game becomes popular enough, toy manufacturers help the characters leave their virtual world so they can come live in ours. And kids love that.

The astronauts from Among Us are the perfect example. Last year, this little space game became more popular than Roblox. Now these cute and colorful individuals are invading our world. The Among Us Plush Toys, for instance, is a collection of a dozen soft and squeaky toys that are small enough for kids to take with them wherever they go. 

What to know before you buy an Among Us toy

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game that was released in 2018 by Innersloth. It rocketed to fame in 2020, becoming the most popular game in the world.

In the game, a number of astronauts run around on a spaceship frantically trying to complete their to-do list and repair damage that is being done to the ship. The catch is, one of the astronauts isn’t who they appear to be. They are an imposter. The imposter has the ability to slay the defenseless astronauts. The only way the astronauts can save themselves is to vote the imposter off the ship.

What type of Among Us toys are available?

While other games, such as Minecraft, have a wide assortment of toys that ranges from LEGO sets to spongy swords, Among Us merch isn’t as diverse. It is possible to find Halloween costumes, small playsets and party decorations, but most of the options are different versions of the Among Us astronauts: collectible action figures, plush toys and sensory toys.

What to look for in a quality Among Us toy

Quality materials

The best Among Us toys will be made of quality, non-toxic materials. They can be either hard plastic, for action figures, or soft fabric, for plushies. They need to be rugged to hold up to constant handling and easy to clean.

Variety of characters

The major difference between the astronauts in Among Us is color. However, some sets also come with a variety of interchangeable hats. This is the best option because kids can customize their characters however they’d like. For instance, the red astronaut could wear a banana, a flamingo, a sheriff hat or something else.


You can get an Among Us toy that has only one astronaut or you can purchase a set that has up to a dozen astronauts. The larger the collection, the more varied the imaginative adventures can be. Alternatively, your child may form a closer bond with just a single character.

Other features

If you want an Among Us toy that is more than just a collectable figure, that is an option. Some toys can be disassembled and have a hidden bone, while others can change from astronaut to imposter. Alternatively, some figures also function as fidget toys. Look for an Among Us toy that has features that will excite and engage your child.

How much you can expect to spend on an Among Us toy

Among Us toys can cost anywhere from roughly $7-$35. At the mid to higher end of the price scale, you’ll get several astronauts — up to a dozen.

Among Us toys FAQ

How did Among Us get so popular?

A. Among Us is a colorful game that is easy to play and only lasts a few minutes. It can be played with friends and almost always winds up ending in a heated debate over who is telling the truth. Additionally, Among Us is free (or mostly free) to play on most platforms. However, when experts cite the reason why Among Us became the most popular game in 2020, they say it was due to Twitch streamers.

How many players do you need to play?

A. Among Us can be played with anywhere from four to 10 players.

What does “sus” mean?

A. “Sus” is simply an abbreviated way of saying “suspicious.”

Are Among Us toys suitable for young children?

A. Parents should check the recommended age before purchasing any Among Us toy for their child. Beyond the possibility of some toys having small pieces that may pose a choking hazard for young children, there is a bit of cartoon violence in the original game. Astronauts who are caught unaware by the imposter have the top half of their cartoon body removed. The remaining bottom half has a single bone sticking up out of their torso. If this imagery is upsetting to your child, make sure the toy you are considering does not include this decapitation aspect.

What are the best Among Us toys to buy?

Top Among Us toys

Among Us Plush Toys

Among Us Plush Toys

What you need to know: This is a set of plush astronauts that are small enough to be carried wherever you go.

What you’ll love: Each of these tiny 4-inch, squeaky figures is a different color. They are made with a soft silk wadding that is packed with high-quality polypropylene cotton filler for maximum plushness, and the fuzzy surface offers a pleasing tactile experience.

What you should consider: A few consumers noted that not all of the squeakers worked.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Among Us toys for the money

Among Us Fidget Toys

Among Us Fidget Toys

What you need to know: This set of three dimple fidget toys is modeled after the astronauts of Among Us.

What you’ll love: If you want a toy that has familiar characters and offers stress-relieving play, these Among Us dimple fidget toys are a solid choice. Each character has 29 different dimples to press and reset, allowing your child to develop their fine motor and concentration skills.

What you should consider: Like many dimple fidget offerings, these toys produce a significantly louder “pop” on one side. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Among Us Action Figures Set

Among Us Action Figures Set

What you need to know: If your child likes action figures, this set of a dozen Among Us astronauts will be a guaranteed pleaser.

What you’ll love: These well-made, non-toxic action figure toys are 3 inches tall. Each one has a different hat and separates to reveal a bone. The pieces are interchangeable, so your child can customize their own figure.

What you should consider: Some parents are worried about the durability of the paint on these figures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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