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When spinning a fidget spinner, be sure to keep a good grip on it. When accidentally released, the circular motion from spinning can send the fidget spinner soaring into the air, potentially causing harm or damage.

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Which fidget spinners are best?

Fidget spinners have been around in various forms and different names since the 1990s, but they truly exploded onto the cultural scene in 2017. Everywhere you looked, someone was spinning, flipping or otherwise twirling this delightful little toy. Unfortunately, the fad didn’t last for long and they quickly subsided back into the cultural subconscious within a year of their explosion. Still, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still fun.

If you want the best, look no further than the ATESSON Fidget Spinner Toy. The classic fidget spinner design with high-quality construction and three gorgeous color options let you twirl away to your heart’s content.

What to know before you buy a fidget spinner

What is a fidget spinner made of?

The material of construction for your fidget spinner directly relates to its durability, and for a toy/tool that has a tendency to be dropped, you’ll want a durable material. Look for ABS plastics or preferably metal or wood. For more information, visit the fidget spinner buying guide on BestReviews.

Fidget spinner weight

Weight tends to increase with more durable, higher-end materials, which is generally a good thing. The only reason to use a lightweight, low-durability fidget spinner is if it is intended for a young child; they can grow tired quickly with a weighty fidget spinner.

Fidget spinner spin time

Its name fidget spinner says it all — it’s intended to spin, so you probably want one with great spin time. Anything less than three minutes should be avoided, as it’s a clear indicator of very low quality. Around five minutes of spin time is a good standard to look for, but there are certainly fidget spinners that can spin even longer than that, sometimes as much as doubled or more.

Fidget spinner noise

A high-quality fidget spinner should produce a gentle and smooth hum when spinning. Most like the sound, but if you don’t, then check the reviews of your prospective fidget spinner to gauge the noise it may or may not produce.

What to look for in a quality fidget spinner

Fidget spinner design

Fidget spinners come in truly all shapes, sizes and colors. The classical fidget spinner look is the three-pronged spinner with a central holding platform, but you can find fidget spinners in a disk shape, in pendulum designs and even in the shape of Ouroborus, the dragon eating its own tail. If you can think of it, it’s probably a fidget spinner design.

Fidget spinner spinning effects

Generally, fidget spinners take on a blurred appearance when spun; after all, they do spin quite fast. However, some fidget spinners take advantage of that to add designs that only become apparent once spun, like rainbows or walking figures.

Fidget spinner lights

Fidget spinners can also include LED lights in their construction for both body and spinning design additions. The only downside to LED fidget spinners is they tend to be much more fragile than other fidget spinners, so hold on tightly and be cautious if you purchase one of these.


Fidget spinners can even include bonuses that range anywhere from helpful to lightheartedly fun to puzzlingly bizarre: Clicking buttons, functioning pens and even Bluetooth speakers are some bonus options.

How much you can expect to spend on a fidget spinner

With a fidget spinner, you really shouldn’t need to spend more than $20 although some cost more than that for various reasons. The cheapest fidget spinners cost as little as $5, while the qualitative price range to purchase within is between $10-$15.

Fidget spinner FAQ

Do fidget spinners actually help with ADHD?

Yes and no. There is no scientific evidence that fidget spinners are an effective treatment for ADHD. That said, they can be incredibly helpful as an outlet for ADHD frustrations for some specific individuals. At the very least, it is an inexpensive tool to give a go to.

Can a fidget spinner be used to help manage stress and anxiety?

Stress and anxiety can be caused by a multitude of reasons and thus have an equal multitude of possible treatments. Unfortunately, fidget spinners won’t magically relieve you of these conditions, but they can be a helpful tool for certain individuals with ADHD.

What’s the best fidget spinner to buy?

Top fidget spinner

ATESSON Fidget Spinner Toy

ATESSON Fidget Spinner Toy

What you need to know: Known as the type of fidget spinner that started it all, this selection is the perfect choice for any fidgeting needs.

What you’ll love: A 6-month warranty ensures your purchase is a good one, and the spinner can go for a full 10 minutes or sometimes longer.

What you should consider: Some fidget spinners don’t work as intended on arrival or stop working after a few weeks to months.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top fidget spinner for the money

FIGROL Crystal LED Rainbow Light Fidget Spinner

FIGROL Crystal LED Rainbow Light Fidget Spinner

What you need to know: This classically designed fidget spinner lights up the competition with its battery-powered lights and low cost.

What you’ll love: Six different light modes offer something for everyone, and the auto-off feature prevents you from accidental drainings.

What you should consider: Some of these fidget spinners don’t light up as they should, but the customer service is wonderful and will replace it without a worry.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Doumishu Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

Doumishu Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

What you need to know: For those who think the standard fidget spinner is too boring, this dual pendulum fidget spinner offers something different.

What you’ll love: If the weighty, stainless steel construction isn’t good enough or the design isn’t what you thought it would be, return it with a full money-back guarantee. 

What you should consider: It can take a fair amount of time to master this fidget spinner, and it doesn’t help that some arrive unbalanced or rusted.

Where to buy: Amazon


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