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Which reversible plush is best?

Reversible plush toys have grown in popularity. Some of the most well-known versions available are plush octopus toys that turn inside out to reveal an octopus of a different color and design. However, there are lots of other reversible plush toys than just octopuses.

If you are looking to find the best reversible plush, the Original Reversible Ghost Plushie is the top choice. In addition to being a reversible plush that changes color, it also glows in the dark and comes in two different colored versions.

What to know before you buy a reversible plush

Does it need to be reversible?

Reversible plush toys allow users to turn them inside out for a completely new design, usually involving an alternate expression, colors and more. Of course, these plushes are not usually very realistic-looking representations of animals or other subject matter. Other stuffed animals could be better options for anyone looking for a less stylized plush toy. If you like cute, highly-stylized plush, though, a reversible toy is an unusual and entertaining alternative to a regular stuffed animal if you like cute, highly-stylized plush.

What size plush do you want?

Larger plush toys will generally be more expensive than smaller options. A smaller plush can also be more easily portable and convenient for traveling. Many of the most popular reversible plushes are on the smaller side so that even a young kid could easily hold it and turn it inside out without any assistance. 

Do you have a favorite animal?

If you are picking out a reversible plush for yourself or looking for a gift, consider the best animal or subject that would appeal to you or the recipient of a present. There are so many options for reversible plush toys that your favorite animal likely comes in the form of cute and reversible plush.

What to look for in a quality reversible plush


Some reversible plushes are essentially the same stuffed toy inside and out with a slightly different facial expression or design. The best options have radically different color schemes when turned inside out. Some reversible plush can even change from resembling one animal to a completely different one. The quality designs have complimentary colors and details that look good but allow for both sides of the plush to retain a unique style.


One of the fun uses for reversible plush toys is to express a mood or emotion non-verbally. If that use is important to you, the best quality options available will have distinct facial expressions and designs that communicate multiple emotions. Each side of a reversible plush must be notably different and expressive for any kids who would like to use it to aid in non-verbal communication.

Special Features

Plush toys can have decorative parts and details that make the plush resemble an animal or other source of design inspiration. The best options for quality details and features depend largely on personal preference. Some reversible plush toys have glow-in-the-dark parts, making the already unusual plush even more special than the average stuffed toy.

How much you can expect to spend on a reversible plush

You can find small, reversible plush toys for about $15 or less. Larger reversible plushes could be more expensive.

Reversible plush FAQ

Should you get multiples?

A. If durability is a concern, getting a backup copy of a child’s favorite plush could be a good idea in case of damage or loss. However, there are other reasons to get multiple versions of the same reversible plush. Some are roughly the same design but come in multiple varieties, sporting an array of different facial expressions. If you want plushes that can represent a wider range of emotions, you will probably want more than a singular plush.

Can you wash a reversible plush?

A. It depends on the particular brand on the model, but you can clean a reversible plush toy. In some cases, only surface spot cleaning is possible. Some will be able to be washed carefully, by hand. Generally, machine washing will probably not be an option given the double-sided nature of a reversible toy and the delicate fabrics that are often used. Always check the specifications of the plush manufacturer to understand appropriate cleaning methods and long-term care.

What are the best reversible plush toys to buy?

Top reversible plush

Original Reversible Ghost Plushie

Original Reversible Ghost Plushie

What you need to know: This cute glow-in-the-dark ghost plush can switch between a cuddly, friendly face and a spooky angry expression. 

What you’ll love: This plush has one normal side and one side that features glow-in-the-dark materials. It works well as a fidget toy and is a cute and expressive little ghost. It comes in two different dual color schemes, black with white and purple with blue. It is about seven inches in scale.

What you should consider: Some customers reported receiving the wrong plush. It may be smaller than some users expect.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top reversible plush for money

Among Us Plush Reversible

Among Us Plush Reversible

What you need to know: This affordable reversible plush resembles the crewmate and imposter from Among Us, making it great for fans of gaming and plushes.

What you’ll love: It comes in six different color schemes, but all feature one side that is a cute crewmate and turn inside out to reveal an alien imposter with sharp teeth. It can be washed by hand and the fabric color does not easily fade.

What you should consider: Some customers have received damaged or crushed copies of the plush. It is also fairly small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Original Reversible Panda and Red Panda

Original Reversible Panda and Red Panda

What you need to know: This cute plush is a grumpy panda on one side and a happy red panda when turned inside out.

What you’ll love: These reversible animal plush toys were one of the hottest toys of 2021. The plush is under seven inches in scale, making it easily portable. The fabric is very soft and colorful. The faces of the panda and red panda are highly-stylized to look cute and appealing to kids.

What you should consider: Some customers may be disappointed with its small size and the price for such a compact design.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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