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Which octopus plush is best?

Plush animals are fun for kids and adults. Stuffed octopus toys come in so many colors, shapes and sizes that there is probably a style that could appeal to anyone.

If you are looking for a popular and cute style of octopus plush, The Moody Reversible Octopus Plushie is the top choice. It can change colors and facial expressions by turning inside-out.

What to know before you buy an octopus plush


Octopus plush toys usually fit into two broad categories. Some are designed to look realistic and resemble an actual octopus, while others are intended to look cute and resemble only a stylized representation of an octopus. If you care about the realism in your stuffed animals, consider looking for a style that compliments any plush toys you already have or find one that suits your general taste.


Real-life octopuses come in a variety of colors and some may change colors, too. Whether you want a realistic-looking octopus plush or not, it is important to consider the color before buying anything. There are so many options out there that if you are buying a stuffed animal for a child, consider asking what their favorite colors are to help narrow the search.

What to look for in a quality octopus plush


Octopus plush toys will generally have more individual limbs than many other types of stuffed animals, so it is important that they are made to last. It would be disappointing if the limbs started to fall apart, so find one that is durable. An octopus plush can be durable without featuring a hard frame inside made from wire to hold a shape.


The best options have cute and friendly faces. A real octopus does not have its mouth next to its eyes, so a plush toy with a cartoonish face might be friendly but not appeal to anyone who likes realistic stuffed animals. Even without a mouth, an octopus plush can have expressive eyes. If the toy is intended for a child, it is especially important that it looks friendly and easy to hug.


The most recognizable aspect of an octopus are its eight limbs. Some plush toys have short little stubby limbs, while others have long tentacles, proportional to the size of the stuffed animal. Depending on the size you prefer, you may want the tentacles to be designed in a different way. Consider the scale that would be best before picking out an octopus plush.

How much you can expect to spend on an octopus plush

Depending on the size and materials, octopus plush toys can be found for under $20. Expect larger octopus plush toys to cost more.

Octopus plush FAQ

Should you get more than one of the same stuffed animals?

A. If you are getting a plush toy for a child, getting a duplicate copy as a backup could be a good idea. An octopus plush may have multiple fragile limbs and any stuffed animal can be easily worn down over time. If a kid is not careful or there are any rambunctious pets who might get a hold of the plush toy and damage it, having an identical replacement might be a convenient solution. Depending on the circumstances, getting multiple copies of the same stuffed animal could be a good idea.

What kind of octopus plush is good for travel?

A. Big octopus plush toys are fun, but if you want one that is easy to bring along, a smaller design could be better. If you expect to take cars or planes with the stuffed animal, remember that it would be best for the plush to be on the compact side so it can fit in a backpack or carry-on luggage for safe transport.

What’s the best pctopus plush to buy?

Top octopus plush

The Moody Reversible Octopus Plushie

The Moody Reversible Octopus Plushie

What you need to know: This bestselling stuffed octopus is both a squishy plush and a sensory fidget toy that can be turned inside out for an alternate facial expression.

What you’ll love: It comes in almost 30 different designs and color patterns, each with varying facial expressions and colors of soft fabric. The emotions of the octopus are diverse, with some looking cute and happy, some appearing sad and others wearing a grumpy or angry, yet still adorable, face. It is compact and easily portable.

What you should consider: Some customers were disappointed with its small size. Some reported receiving incorrect or fake products, so be aware of who is selling the item if you order.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top octopus plush for the money

Wild Republic Octopus Plush

Wild Republic Octopus Plush

What you need to know: This affordable and relatively realistic octopus plush is made from high-quality materials.

What you’ll love: The surface of the fabric is washable, in case it gets dirty. It is soft and cuddly, but small enough for young children to easily pick up and carry with them. There are no hard wires or anything dangerous inside the limbs, so they are soft and easily movable.

What you should consider: The octopus plush is a bit on the small side, and some customers reported receiving the item damaged. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Cute Big Eyes Octopus Large Stuffed Animals Plush Toy

Cute Big Eyes Octopus Large Stuffed Animal

What you need to know: This big, stylized octopus has large eyes and long limbs with a unique design to imitate the suckers on each tentacle.

What you’ll love: The material of each limb has stylized bumps on the bottom while being smooth on top. They come in light blue and light pink versions. The entire plush measures 22 inches in length, with each tentacle measuring 15 inches long.

What you should consider: It is not a realistic design in terms of colors or the eyes, but if you don’t care about realism, there is not much to complain about.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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