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Which moose toys are best?

Moose are common in the North, where the climate is temperate and forests are abundant. They are herbivores and generally live in harmony with humans who enjoy seeing them on camping trips and outdoor excursions. People also hunt them, and many people consider moose meat a delicacy. 

In the Northern U.S. and Canada, it is common for people to have moose products such as stuffed animals, wall mounts, clothing and toys. The Aurora 12-Inch Flopsie is one of the most adorable moose toys on the market. It is not only soft and cute, but the filling is made from recycled materials, and it is larger than most stuffed animals. 

What to know before you buy moose toys 

Moose are gentle giants and popular in the north 

One of the key reasons moose make such good stuffed animals is their calm demeanor. Unless it is mating season, moose are easygoing. Despite this, moose are huge. An average adult male is around 6 feet tall and weighs around 1,400 pounds. 

It is the impressive size paired with their lackadaisical lifestyle that fascinates humans and lets us see them as gentle giants. 

Moose toys are usually stuffed animals and plushies 

Moose toys are usually stuffed animals. Both artificial and hunted moose have found themselves mounted on the walls of hunters and outdoors enthusiast’s homes, so the idea of stuffing them is already commonplace. Children enjoy playing with smaller stuffed animals who take on cuter qualities like giant black eyes and less intimidating antlers. 

Some moose plush toys are rare or collectible 

Moose toys are made by many companies. Some are meant to be played with while others are more collectible. The 1993 Beanie Baby called Chocolate the Moose is rare and collectible. Others, such as the Kohl’s Cares Moose Plush, were also only made for a short time. 

If you are trying to collect, research the company that makes the moose toy and see if its toys are collectible. But realize most moose toys are made for enjoyment, not collectibility. 

What to look for in quality moose toys

Cute or realistic look

When it comes to moose toys, you have two options: cute or realistic. Most moose stuffed animals take on a cute appearance, with big eyes and soft antlers. These are great for kids, especially young children who might find a realistic looking moose a little frightening. 

Some stuffed moose — especially wall mounts — aim to capture realistic moose features. People who want to hang a stuffed moose on the wall might not wish to actually hunt and kill one. A stuffed animal is a more animal-friendly alternative. 

Materials and eco-friendly features 

In the modern world, eco-friendly and child-safe products have become a priority. Luckily, stuffed animals are generally safe for kids unless they have hard external parts,  such as marbles, pins or buttons. 

If the product you are buying incorporates eco-friendly products, it will be mentioned in its description. It is not rare to see stuffed animals that include recycled stuffing. One other option is to try to buy local and look for products manufactured in your country or region. This cuts back on long-distance distribution channels and the pollution associated with them, as well as supporting local markets. 


Think about what you want to do with the toy moose. Will it just sit on a shelf as a decorative piece, or will children play with it? Most stuffed animals are on the smaller side and run from 6 to 13 inches. They are great for kids who want to play with them. They are also easy to place on any shelf or area of the house. Larger toys such as wall mounts will probably be used for decor instead of play, and will require more space. 

How much you can expect to spend on moose toys 

A typical moose stuffed animal will cost somewhere between $10-$25. 

Moose toys FAQ

How does a plush differ from a stuffed animal? 

A. There is no difference between stuffed animals and plush toys. The term plush is used to refer to a toy that is soft and stuffed with even softer innards. “Plushie” has a cuter sound to it, while “stuffed animal” is a more traditional name, but you can use them interchangeably. 

What is the difference between a crochet and a traditional stuffed animal? 

A. With crocheting, the yarn is made up into a textured fabric. There are gaps in the yarn, giving the stuffed animal a specific look that only crocheting can achieve. Crocheted toys look very homemade in appearance. 

What are the best moose toys to buy?

Top moose toy

Aurora 12-Inch Flopsie

Aurora 12-Inch Flopsie

What you need to know: This adorable moose plushie includes stuffing and tags made with recycled materials. 

What you’ll love: This stuffed moose is soft, with glossy fur and adorable facial features. Antlers are included and fit in with the cute aesthetic. The larger size makes this moose easy to cuddle with. 

What you should consider: Some people had issues with durability and build quality. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top moose toy for money

Adore 13-Inch Yukon The Moose Plush Stuffed Animal Wall Toy

Adore 13-Inch Yukon The Moose Plush Stuffed Animal Wall Toy

What you need to know: This soft stuffed moose can be mounted on the wall, and the antlers are posable. 

What you’ll love: Use this stuffed wall mount as a toy or decoration. It has a realistic aesthetic that resembles a real moose, and it was designed in the USA. 

What you should consider: Kids might find this less satisfying, since it is meant to sit on the wall. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Saigonmade Moose Crochet

Saigonmade Moose Crochet 

What you need to know: This adorable crocheted stuffed moose is made of Yarn Art Jeans knitting yarn, and is perfect for young children. 

What you’ll love: Each stuffed moose is handmade, and comes as advertised. It is small enough to sit on a shelf but big and durable enough to be played with. 

What you should consider: The crochet stitchwork is visible, and some people may prefer a more traditional stuffed animal. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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