Which toy vacuums are best?

Many children want to be just like their parents, guardians and heroes, and that can mean copying their everyday activities, like cleaning the house. This is made easier when they have safe, child-appropriate versions of tools and appliances. For those kids who want to vacuum just like their parents, there are plenty of excellent options.

The top choice of toy vacuum is the CASDON Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum. This particular model is an accurate replica of the real thing, with working suction and realistic sound.

What to know before you buy a toy vacuum

Types of toy vacuums

It seems like there are just as many types of toy vacuums as there are real vacuums. You’ll find everything from handheld vacuums to stick vacuums, and even robot vacuums. Most children will be happiest with the toy vacuum that most closely resembles your actual vacuum or the vacuum they see in use most often. Allowing your child in on the purchasing decision will help ensure they get the exact type of toy vacuum they want.

Battery-free vs. battery-powered

There are vast differences between battery-free and battery-powered toy vacuums. Battery-free options are less expensive and encourage your child to use their imagination. Battery-powered toy vacuums generally offer light, sound, and actual suction that allows them to help with light cleaning.

What to look for in a quality toy vacuum

Sounds and colors

Depending on the model, there are many varieties of sounds and colors to engage and educate your child.

  • Sounds: Many toy vacuums have realistic sounds that mirror those of a real vacuum. Some may have speakers that play songs, phrases and other recordings. Some generate sound that is generated by plastic balls which bounce round as the toy vacuum moves.
  • Colors: Children tend to gravitate toward more colorful toys that excite their imagination. Some models have lights, and others even use bright colors to play games with the child, improving their color recognition. 


Toy vacuums are popular with kids of all ages, and are made in a variety of sizes. Choose a toy vacuum that is appropriate for your child’s size, as one that is too small or large may lead to frustration.

Cleaning ability

Some of the higher-end toy vacuums feature actual suction power and a dust collection container, meaning your child can actively clean their play area as they are playing. If you need a little help around the house, a working toy vacuum can be an excellent purchase.


Real vacuums come with accessories like brushes and crevice tools to help you clean specific areas. Toy vacuums are no exception, however those that include accessories tend to cost more.

How much you can expect to spend on a toy vacuum

While there are plenty of toy vacuums available for less than $25, these options tend to be small or of poor quality. For stick and upright vacuums, it’s wise to begin your search in the $25-$40 range. Many of these are manufactured by real vacuum brands like BLACK+DECKER and Dyson. Some toy vacuums come in packaged sets that include extra toy cleaning accessories like dustpans and brooms, and are generally priced at $40 or above.

Toy vacuum FAQ

Are there any real educational benefits to giving a child a toy vacuum?

A. Absolutely. In fact, there are a number of developmental benefits a toy vacuum can provide. Playing with a toy vacuum forces a child to exercise their balance, fine motor skills, and hand-eye and overall coordination. It can also be used to improve their organizational, time management and strategic thinking skills, as well encourage them to take on family responsibilities when tasked with “cleaning” an area. Finally, toy vacuums that include interactive games can aid a child learning numerals and colors.

Do toy vacuums actually vacuum?

A. Some models vacuum just like the real thing. That said, they don’t vacuum anywhere nearly as efficiently. Toy vacuums are suited only to picking up light dust and debris. For stronger cleaning, you’ll still need to use an adult vacuum.

What’s the best toy vacuum to buy?

Top toy vacuum

CASDON Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum

CASDON Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum

What you need to know: If your child insists on vacuuming just like the grown-ups, then this realistic option with actual suction is the way to go.

What you’ll love: The dust container is easy to clean out, and the realistic sounds this vacuum makes are fun for kids without annoying adults.

What you should consider: This toy vacuum does not include the three AAA batteries required for operation.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond

Top toy vacuum for the money

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Light-Up Learning Vacuum

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Light-Up Learning Vacuum

What you need to know: If educational benefits are a priority, this toy vacuum is a great choice.

What you’ll love: There are two sound modes: real vacuum noises or songs and phrases. This allows your child to choose what appeals to them.

What you should consider: This vacuum will not stand upright on its own, which may make it more difficult to store. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Worth checking out

LeapFrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum

LeapFrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum

What you need to know: This toy vacuum includes 10 “dust” pieces, making it an interactive option for kids.

What you’ll love: Six interactive games that focus on numbers and colors add plenty of variety to this toy vacuum selection.

What you should consider: This toy vacuum may have trouble picking up the included pieces of “dust.”

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s


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