Which toy soldiers are best?

Toy soldiers have been around for centuries, in one form or another. Today, people of all ages recognize the iconic green figurines and they can be found practically anywhere that sells toys. A classic set generally features a number of uniformed military personnel, made of soft plastic and posed in a variety of battle positions. 

There are endless sets from which to choose, but the Sunny Days Entertainment Fun Bucket Military Playset is the best because it gives you the most value and variety.

What to consider before you buy toy soldiers


Firstl, consider the age of the child for whom you’re buying the toy soldiers. If they are under 3 years old or play with a child who is, the small parts may pose a choking hazard.    


Every set of toy soldiers is different in its quantity of parts and which parts are included. Sets generally range from as few as 30 pieces to as many as 100, and practically every number in between. 


A set of toy soldiers should not cost you a lot of money no matter what it comes with. It’s usually constructed from cheap molded plastic and isn’t designed with many features or movable parts. The differences between one set and another are in the basic details such as coloring, poses and other bodily characteristics.

What to look for in quality toy soldiers


You can see the most noticeable differences between poorly made toy soldiers and ones of good quality when looking at a magnified, zoomed-in or individual image. If the toy soldier is well-constructed, it will feature a smooth-looking surface with no protruding plastic ends or webbing. In addition, each soldier, no matter its position, should be able to stand easily without its pedestal, base or body leaning in an unnatural way.   


Sets not only differ in the quantity and quality of soldiers, but in their variety. While some sets feature numerous groups of people in different colors and uniforms, others only come with a single colored set of figurines. Considering that the soldiers are supposed to be facing one another in battle, this is a major drawback. Sets also differ in the soldiers’ poses, where some sets feature a much greater variety than others. Ultimately, greater variety translates into greater interest. 


Over time, toy soldier sets have evolved to include more accessories to enhance playing with them. From vehicles and flags to strategic maps, props and settings, your possibilities become endless while the price rarely gets out of hand.

How much you can expect to spend on toy soldiers

On an average set of small, basic, cheaply made parts, you can expect to spend $12-$25. The more parts and accessories included, the higher the price rises.

Toy soldiers FAQ

How big are toy soldiers?

A. Typically, a toy soldier measures between a half inch and 3 inches, but most fall between 2 and 2½ inches.

What color are toy soldiers?

A. Historically, toy soldiers are olive green. Over time, uniforms and figurines have grown more diverse to include a variety of military personnel with greater detailing and coloring.

What are the best toy soldiers to buy?

Top toy soldiers

Sunny Days Entertainment Military Fun Bucket

Sunny Days Entertainment Military Fun Bucket

What you need to know: Because of quality, accessories and price, this unique set rises above the competition. 

What you’ll love: These army figurines come with an impressive array of accessories, including a helicopter, jet, tanks, prop fencing and flags. The set comes in a portable container whose lid is designed to be used as a landscape for battle.   

What you should consider: A very small percentage of buyers claimed either to be missing pieces or that the toys’ smell was a little unpleasant. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toy soldiers for money

Tim Mee Plastic Army Men

Tim Mee Plastic Army Men

What you need to know: This simple but high-quality set of 100 pieces is priced in the same range as many others with less than half of that quantity. 

What you’ll love: These little figurines are well-made, expressive and featured in a variety of distinctive, active poses. They’re available in sets of pink, olive and tan or gray and red, which help differentiate them in a sea of dark green.

What you should consider: Cleaning up these toys will be quite a chore every time and this set is not packaged in a usable storage container. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BMC Plastic U.S. Army Soldiers

BMC Plastic U.S. Army Soldiers

What you need to know: These World War II military figures are available in numerous colors and feature original high-action poses. 

What you’ll love: The set is enhanced with a raft complete with paddling soldiers. Pair the set with one of the brand’s many other sets of toy soldiers from different countries, cultures and time periods, including sets of army women.

What you should consider: At an average of 36 pieces, these sets are relatively small for their price range.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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